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Welcome to the CI5: The New Professionals Webring homepage. This webring may be joined by any operative whose site contains matter related to the television show, 'CI5: The New Professionals'. In other words whether the site features fan fiction, actor bios or whatever, feel free to join.

Joining the Ring

If your site meets the above criteria, feel free to join the ring. All pages will be reviewed before being added to the ring, so if your page is not related to CI5: The New Professionals it will not be admitted to the ring.

There have been some changes to the way in which webrings now operate. Rather than putting html code into your webpage for every webring you join, you now put in a single javascript code which identifies your webpage, a single code for a single webpage. This automatically pulls the webrings you're a member of down from the webring server and therefore everytime you join a new ring, it adds it to your webpage. Simple.

There are three steps involved:

  • register with webring here. You'll need a member name and a password

  • once you have a user name, join the New Professionals webring here by clicking on the 'join' button at the top. Make sure you're logged in and then follow the instructions to register your page, then copy and paste the ss code provided by webring to your webpage. The code needs to go on the page you've selected or it will fail tests and you will not be added to the webring.

  • mail the ringmaster and inform her that you have added the required code. This is necessary because we're not automatically informed of new additions to the ring and don't check that often.

Please note that placing the code on your page does not automatically add you to the ring. Completing the required steps above will add you to the ring queue and after that the ringmaster will add you to the ring when she has checked that you've added the code correctly.

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