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Welcome to the wonderful world of New Pros Fandom. Follow the links on the right to the various New Pros mailing lists, the chat room and bulletin board and the various livejournal communities. Below are some useful websites.

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Useful websites

  • Wordwrights - The Professionals : Joules' webpage featuring episode reviews, a chat room and stories, and with some neat animated gifs for the original series

Writing resources

This section details some of the useful web based resources that CI5 Operational Control have located which may assist our field agents in compiling their field reports. If any agent knows of any other valuable resources, please use the link below to mail CI5 Ops Control so that we can share the information with fellow agents.

  • Arduinna's Chrestomathy: We worship at the alter of Arduinna. A clear and concise guide to the rules of writing, including such tricky matters as grammar, point of view, tools of the trade and links to other useful sites, all set out with Arduinna's trademark wit and straight-talking style. A required bookmark for anyone who is serious about their writing.
  • Fanfic medical mailing list - a mailing list devoted to the discussion of medical situations occurring in fanfiction, with members that include doctors and nurses and links to information on the web. Essential if you want to hurt the boys or girls of CI5, this list will hopefully help you hurt them accurately
  • The Port of London Authority : Information on docks and shipping that may prove useful if you wish CI5 agents to tackle smuggling or drugs shipments. Or even trying to protect Mafia informers :-).
  • Glock Pistols: As it sounds, information about weapons. Thanks to Chya for the information.
  • The Virtual Naval Hospital: Information about field wounds and how to treat them in an emergency. Thanks to Brenda for the information.
  • The Official MI5 Website: Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an official MI6 website, but you may find some interesting facts on the scope of the Official Secrets Act and that their staff canteen allegedly serves a good chicken madras.
  • Jane's IntelWeb: A database maintained by the same people responsible for the Jane's guides, about international terrorism. It's a subscription service, but there are free samples in case you need to put a name to any groups CI5 may be interested in, or want to know what is happening in various countries around the world
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