CI5 Operational Control
name.gif (1488 bytes) Chris Keel

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dob.gif (2189 bytes) 1970? (age 28)
occupation.gif (2000 bytes) Operative
specialisation.gif (2430 bytes) Pilot
affliliations.gif (2090 bytes) CI5 (Agent 45), previously US Navy SEAL

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Height: 5' 10 1/2"

Eyes: Blue/Grey

Hair: Sandy brown

Education: Annapolis (13)

Family: For security reasons, much information about Keel's family remains classified. However, he was married, briefly and is now a widower (1). His wife Teresa (14) was gunned down at their wedding reception by an unknown terrorist organisation. It is entirely possible that Keel was the target, given the fact that he was at that time a Navy SEAL, but no further information is available. It is known from Keel's annual physical and mental assessment that he continues to experience nightmares about this event.

Career: Joined the US Navy where he flew both planes and helicopters (2). He eventually joined the elite Navy SEALS, and became one of the most distinguished Special Forces men in the history of the Navy. His eventual rank in the Navy is classified information (3). While in the Navy his nickname was 'Red Cloud' as he is 1/8th Navajo (12). He left the SEALS to join CI5, possibly in a quest to bring the killers of his wife to justice. Our Chief Medical Officer is maintaining a close eye on the situation.

Unlike his partner, who prefers a 9mm black Beretta, Keel uses two handguns in the cases seen so far - usually a Smith and Wesson, but he has used a silver 9mm Beretta (11).

Personal Information: Keel is hot tempered and quick to rush into a situation, and is often held back by his partner, Sam Curtis (4). The two men complement each other very well, and share a close friendship (5), socialising outside work (6). Keel's impatience has resulted in both he and his partner being exposed to perhaps more danger than would otherwise be the case, and he does seem to be a little accident prone (5).

Unlike his partner, who is a connoisseur, Keel is more a 'beer and burgers' kind of a man (1), even extending this to 'Bambi-burgers', although he refuses to eat frogs' legs (7). Like his partner he appears to have a thing for blondes, and we have surveillance footage of one of his girlfriends to support this (8). His wife was blonde.

There is also a suggestion that he smokes, or has smoked in the past, since there is surveillance footage of him smoking while under cover (9), and his partner has teased him about his brand (10). However, it is unlikely that he indulges often, since if that were the case he would never pass CI5's physical requirements.

Keel is blood group O and he can correctly quote from the Bible (9). He also sleeps with his gun underneath his pillow (1).


(1) Back to Business - the nightmare sequence, and when Sam asks if he has any wine, he points him towards the beer in the fridge - Budweiser by the looks of it.

(2) Tusk Force

(3) However in High Speed both he and Curtis are referred to as 'Captain' before Malone points out that CI5 do not use ranks. It is entirely possible that they hold the equivalent to the Captain rank in other military organisations.

(4) In Back to Business Keel had to be restrained by his partner from having a go at Superintendent Leonard, and in Tusk Force Curtis also held him back from responding to a physical assualt and was kicked in the back for his trouble.

(5) In the pilot episode, Back to Business, Chris managed to sit in a booby-trapped car, and followed this up in the second episode, Phoenix, by treading on a landmine (although as has been pointed out to us this latter incident was not his fault and could quite as easily have happened to Curtis instead). On neither occasion did his partner abandon him. Curtis also carried his partner on his back following injuries received in South Africa on Tusk Force.

(6) Miss Hit

(7) Phoenix

(8) Souvenir

(9) Choice Cuts

(10) Skorpion

(11) The information on weaponry came from Dave Matthews' site, with Keel using the Beretta in both Tusk Force and Samurai Wind.

(12) This comes from the cut scene in High Speed when Curtis and Keel are discussing Keel's 'blind date' experiences.

(13) Although the official site states that Keel went to 'Indianapolis', there is apparently no such school (thanks to Mems for this information). It therefore seems logical that he attended The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, rather than Indianapolis (and that the official site has a typo :)) especially when you take into account his training and his age, which would mean that if he joined the Navy at 22 post University, he should be older than he is. Annapolis takes students at 18 and gives them the equivalent of a University education as well as Naval Training (thanks to Mems and Munchie for this information).

(14) Thanks to Jill Woolfenden for spotting this information, gleaned from the credits at the end of 'Back to Business'.

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