CI5 Operational Control
name.gif (1488 bytes) Sam Curtis

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dob.gif (2189 bytes) June 1969? (2)
occupation.gif (2000 bytes) Operative
specialisation.gif (2430 bytes) Languages
affliliations.gif (2090 bytes) CI5 (Agent 37), previously MI6

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Height: 5' 11"

Eyes: Grey/Green

Hair: Brown (going slightly grey)

Education: Edinburgh University on a scholarship, where he graduated with a first class honours degree in Modern Languages. He speaks French (1), German (2) and some Serbo-Croat (1) although he is not fluent in the latter.

Family: For security reasons, much information about Curtis' family remains classified. His father is still alive, and is a fan of the Swedish actress turned Finance Minister Ingrid Sommelson (1). He is a Londoner, and from humble origins.

Career: Recruited into MI6 (straight from University? MI6 are not forthcoming on this information, claiming that it's need to know, and we don't). While with MI6 he worked in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, including East Germany (2), and Bosnia (1) . While in East Germany his controller was Carl Dietrich (2), who unfortunately was killed by neo-Nazi fascists. CI5 later investigated the case.

In terms of weaponry Curtis usually uses a black 9mm Beretta, and is a crack shot (9).

Personal Information: Curtis is an aficionado of the finer things in life, like fine wine (3), good music (4)and gourmet food, including frogs' legs (1), much to his partner Chris Keel's disgust. From our covert surveillance of this operative, he also seems to have a thing for blondes.

Dedicated to the job, and cool under pressure, he has demonstrated that he is calm under fire, and less likely to rush into action than his partner (5), who has a tendency to be more hot-headed. He is loyal to a fault, unwilling to abandon his partner (5) no matter how dangerous the situation, and since his partner has a tendency to walk straight into trouble (6) he has had plenty of opportunity to demonstrate this trait. His loyalty extends to former colleagues too (2).

Sam's interests outside of work include socialising with his colleagues, particularly his partner Chris Keel, and Tina Backus. He also works out frequently (7), and used to box (8). Again, we have insufficient information about this, but an educated guess would suggest that this was at University.


(1) Phoenix

(2) Souvenir - it's revealed that while with MI6 Sam worked in East Germany, and therefore must speak some German. Also, this mission took place in April around the time of Hitler's birthday (April 20th), and a couple of months before Sam's - therefore Sam's birthday is in June.

(3) Miss Hit

(4) Back to Business

(5) Tusk Force

(6) In the pilot episode, Back to Business, Chris managed to sit in a booby-trapped car, and followed this up in the second episode, Phoenix, by treading on a landmine. On neither occasion did his partner abandon him.

(7) Hostage

(8) Skorpion

(9) The information on weaponry came from Dave Matthews' site, and in terms of Curtis' shooting ability, in Choice Cuts he took out someone with a single head shot, the only shot he fired.

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