CI5 Operational Control
name.gif (1488 bytes) Tina Backus aka Backup backup_photo.jpg (9150 bytes)
dob.gif (2189 bytes) 1971? (28)
occupation.gif (2000 bytes) Operative
specialisation.gif (2430 bytes) Computer systems, bomb disposal, martial arts
affliliations.gif (2090 bytes) CI5 (Agent 53), previously Canadian Secret Service

phistory.gif (2630 bytes)

Height: Classified test

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Education: Graduated from McGill University with an Honours in Computer Science. She has had some training in the martial arts.

Family: For security reasons, information about Backus' family remains classified.

Career: She moved into a job with IBM from University, but was poached by the Canadian Secret Service. She carried out a series of assignments in the Far East before joining CI5. While on many missions her role is often to provide support for teams in the field, when required to take a more active role she is more than up to the task. She us an expert in bomb disposal and has been called upon to demonstrate these skills (1).

Personal Information: Backus works well as part of a team, getting on well with colleagues by whom she is known affectionately as 'Backup'. She socialises with her colleagues outside of work, particularly Curtis and Keel (2), and is one of the few agents able to maintain a social life outside of work, even if it is often interrupted (3).


(1) Disarming bombs on both the Back to Business and Samurai Wind assignments.

(2) Souvenir

(3) Hostage

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