CI5 Operational Control
name.gif (1488 bytes) Alyse blank_photo.jpg (2089 bytes)
Image withheld for security reasons
dob.gif (2189 bytes) 27th February 1969
occupation.gif (2000 bytes) Part-Time Accountant and Full-Time Nibble Wrangler
specialisation.gif (2430 bytes) Health Accounting, Training, spreading scurrilous rumours about the exact nature of the relationship between fellow CI5 agents Curtis and Keel
affliliations.gif (2090 bytes) Unconscious Mind

phistory.gif (2630 bytes)

Ever since her traumatic discovery of fanfiction and the resulting downturn in her productivity, Agent Alyse has been reassigned to the Data Analysis section of CI5 where she is partnered with Agent Tasha and allowed full use of the Internet. CI5 Operational Control are now willing to admit that this may have been an error in judgement.

In conjunction with her fellow agent Tasha, she is responsible for the production of this database, and is keen to see it used by her fellow agents. To this end she is always keen to receive comments, suggestions and chocolate which may be forwarded to her via HQ using the options from the right hand menu.

For those wishing to assess her credentials for themselves, her previous work may be found at Unconscious Mind.

Under no circumstances should this agent be approached by inexperienced personnel as, in the words of Agent Keel, 'this is one strange woman'.

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