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CI5 Operational Control have listed below those extracts from the Official Mission Reports which struck us as particularly 'slashy', in other words those scenes which suggested that Curtis and Keel have a more than simply professional relationship. We're not implying that this is canon, by any stretch of the imagination, and have no intention of defaming either the writers or the actors who portray the characters (we're not that far divorced from reality!). However, there is something about two attractive men, who are close friends, would die for each other and never seem to date...

If you follow the links they will take you to the main episode reviews, which contain detailed spoilers. However, be warned that the reports below also contain spoilers.

Back to Business

The first episode of the series, and the one that set many slashers' hearts a quiver. The following scenes stand out:

  • the scene in the hospital where Curtis and Keel involved in a gun battle. Curtis takes off after one of the bad guys, telling Keel that 'he's mine' and as he runs past his partner he manages to touch him. It's not clear whether this is just to steady himself or for some other reason. These two are remarkably tactile with each other. Thanks to James and Munchie for both pointing this out.

  • the scene where Keel manages to sit in a booby-trapped car despite being told not to by both Backup and Curtis. That will teach the boy to pay more attention to what he's being told! In particular the fact that Curtis spends a large part of that scene holding his hand, and tells him to 'shut up' when Keel tries to persuade them to leave. This scene is available as video footage in our multimedia section.

  • the later scene in Keel's department, where Curtis comforts his partner after Keel has a particularly nasty nightmare about his wife's murder.


This entire episode is particularly 'slashy'. The scene that stands out however is the scene where Keel stands on an anti-personnel mine (apparently the type that hops up level with your manhood, according to Curtis) while the pair are investigating a tomb. Once again Curtis refuses to leave him despite estimating that their chances of survival at between 5 and 10%, and we have the infamous 'whatever happens, I go with you' line. Now is that a declaration of love or what?

We have this entire scene available in video format as a series of clips in our multimedia section.

Tusk Force

The entire episode is a slash-fest from start to finish! However, to single out a few particularly slashy scenes the following got our little hearts beating a bit faster:

  • the scene by the pool where Curtis calls Keel over to talk about his plan to tip off the authorities as to the location of the ivory and panic their contact into making a mistake. Curtis is swimming, and Keel is by the side of the pool eyeing up women. Exactly why did Curtis choose that moment to call him over given that he'd already made the call? Jealousy perhaps?
  • when Curtis and Keel are in their plane, about to crash, Keel tries to send Curtis to the back where he'll be safer
  • Curtis taking care of his injured partner, including hiding the fact that his injuries are becoming infected from him, and eventually carrying him on his back to safety
  • the 'magically moving towel' scene - Curtis and Keel are found and taken to safety, where they are placed in a room with one double bed (!) Curtis avails himself of the shower and when he comes out he is drying his hair with a towel. There is a knock at the door, Curtis wraps the same towel around his waist, talks to their host who enters, then when their host leaves, takes the same towel from around his waist and goes back to drying his hair. Meanwhile Keel is lying asleep on the bed. Obviously this is someone who is comfortable being nude around his partner! Or maybe he was hoping Keel would wake up :) The entire scene is available in video format from our multimedia section.
  • two agents taking time out to watch the sunset while hiding from their pursuers?


Nothing particularly noteworthy in this episode, although when the call goes out to place the agents on duty, Curtis is working out in the gym and Keel is on a date, with a woman no less.

First Strike

Again, nothing noteworthy, although Munchie has a theory about the phallic nature of the Cassava root that Keel offers Curtis. Apparently the look on Curtis' face is priceless.

Samurai Wind

Some moments that garner interest, including:

  • for once Keel has to take care of his injured partner, bandaging his wounded arm. There are some significant looks exchanged (thanks to Munchie for the information)
  • both men tied up and put in the same room but not, unfortunately, on the same bed :)


No real points of note, although Curtis does seem attracted to the female guest lead, and Keel rather cheekily asks him how long it's been since he got laid. Well, he should know. He was there, wasn't he? :) This scene is available to download in the mutlimedia section.

Choice Cuts

No points of note. In fact, Curtis doesn't even seem particularly concerned that his partner is missing, and potentially about to become an unwilling organ donor, and appears perfectly happy to follow Malone's orders and go to sleep. He does appear relieved when Keel turns up safe and well, but where are the signs of a sleepless night?

Miss Hit

Two particular scenes stand out.

  • Curtis appears to be attracted to the blonde FBI woman (why is it always blondes?), and Keel does demonstrate some signs of jealousy. When Curtis explains that he's giving the woman information in the name of teamwork, Keel replies, 'I am talking teamwork - our team!' The fact that Keel's suspicions are later vindicated when the blonde turns out to be a Mafia hit woman doesn't negate the fact that he was obviously put out by Curtis paying that much attention to her. We have this entire scene available for download in the multimedia section.
  • At one point, Chris apologises to the hit woman for missing the breakfast the three of them had arranged because he slept in and Sam had to wake him up. Thanks to Shelagh for pointing out that all Sam probably had to do was roll over and shake him :)


The two agents seem to spend the entire episode sniping at each other. Alyse has a theory that they're annoyed because their dirty weekend in New Orleans was interrupted for a case. At the start of the episode when asked where they're off to next, Keel says that the pair of them are going to take a couple of days off and visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras, since Sam's never been. Why is no-one surprised that these two are holidaying together? Is it a regular occurrence? Munchie's story, Southern Comfort, investigates this theory further.

High Speed

No definitively slashy scenes of note, although Keel does seem to enjoy ordering Curtis around when the pair of them are undercover, Curtis as Keel's mechanic. However,

  • In this episode, Keel reveals to Curtis that he once went on a blind date with a man, claiming that he lost a bet and didn't realise that his friends had set him up with a transvestite who coincidentally turned out to be his drill sergeant! The entire scene is available in video format from our multimedia section.
  • When the pair of them are investigating the garage at night, Curtis points out that this wasn't the 'poking around in the dark' he had in mind. Exactly what had Keel told him they were going to do?
  • In High Speed, just after Chris' car crashes, Sam runs up to the car and helps him out. Although they don't touch Sam's hands are definitely hovering. Perhaps he's just too embarassed to go for the full out bear hug/smoochy kiss treatment (thanks to Lou for that information)


No scenes of note.

Glory Days

No scenes of note.

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