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CI5 are on the hunt for a NATO computer specialist when the plane he is on explodes. Synopsis provided by Niki.

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Key Players

Major Simms - a NATO officer, double agent, working for Vasili Lankov

Doctor Jeremy Woods - a Nobel price winner, computer expert in NATO, kidnapped by the Skorpion

Gemma Woods - Doctor Woods's daughter, also a hostage to put pressure on her dad

Simon / Misha - one of the Skorpion soldiers

Vasili Lankov - Russian computer expert, wants to start a revolution in his home country, without Western interference

Tommy Cartwright - a CI5 recruit-to-be ;)


Major Simms is escorting Dr Woods to Brussels, but blows up the plain, and kidnaps him instead. He is held hostage in London, so that Vasili Lankov can extract NATO secrets from him, Lankov wants to start a new revolution in Russia, and wants NATO to keep their hands off it.

CI5 is asked to find out whether Dr Woods is dead or alive. They witness the explosion on a radar screen (see plot inconsistencies), and know that the NATO major and Woods are missing, only the bodies of the pilot and co-pilot were found. Dr Woods is important to NATO, since as their computer expert he has discovered "a hole bigger than the Grand Canyon" in the NATO systems, and could shut it down with few codes.

Dr Woods came to London with his daughter Gemma, and Sam and Chris need to interrogate her about her father's enemies etc. Sam seems to find the description of Gemma a little too interesting, and Chris jokes about it. Gemma isn't alone, she has her boyfriend Simon to take care of her. Chris finds no trace of the man in the hotel room, but he does find a photo that could be her real boyfriend. They call Backup to keep an eye on the pair.

However, Gemma and Simon disappear as major Simms knocks Backup unconscious just as she's about to report their movements. Simon is actually Misha, one of the Skorpion soldiers, and Gemma is taken somewhere else, as a hostage to put pressure on her father.

At this point, NATO general Ross tells Malone to stop the search; Woods must be dead. (See plot inconsistencies) Malone decides they must go on. Backup, Sam and Chris have been playing with the recording "enhancing" again. (See plot inconsistencies) They think they can see someone jump from the plane, and Malone wants them to check all the boats in the area.

What they find is a boat called "Arlo 5", who sailed without lights. Curtis and Keel go investigate.

Meanwhile, Gemma has broken a window in her prison, and throws her hotel key out of the window. It is discovered by a couple of boys.

Sam and Chris interrogate the owner of the boat, but he seems determined not to know anything about his customers. Sam finds a cigarette stub in the boat, and Chris asks "Charlie" to trace the calls from the boat's phone.

Dr Woods uses a code "GEMMA*22" to shut down the electricity in the city for 10 seconds. Malone finds out that this has happened in other four European cities in four different countries, and thinks it's a sign from Wood.

Lankov had called his sister from the boat, which tells Malone who is behind the kidnapping. Vasili Lankov is Dr Woods's "opposite number", a Russian computer expert.

Mr Cartwright is returning the key his son Tommy found to the Merriott hotel, and as the hotel contacts CI5, the boy shows Backup where he found the key. Sam and Chris decide to storm the house alone, not waiting for the backup Backup tells is coming.

Simms and Misha attack Chris, Sam shoots them, apparently with an aid of a smoke grenade Chris threw. (See "personal insights") Woods does GEMMA*22 again and attacks Vasili, killing him. Just as a henchman is about to shoot him, our three heroes barge in, and Backup saves the day.

After everything is over, Gemma tells Sam (and Chris) to come visit if they ever come to Boston.  

Malone goes off to thank Tommy Cartwright, thanks to whom they found the hostages in time, and jokes about recruiting him when he grows up.

Personal Comments

- It's Dempsey!

- Do you think Gemma Woods was that hot? Sam seems to have a thing about blondes.

- Sam and Chris rather walk away from the cops in the marina than fight over jurisdiction, this time, it seems

- Chris remembers the phone number of the boat without writing it down (no wonder Sam trusts his memory. See "Phoenix")

- After the smoke grenade scene, as echoing Doyle and Bodie from the Professionals episode "A Killer with a Long Arm", Sam blames Chris for risking his life, since Sam could have shot him by accident. "Since when do you miss?" asks Chris. This is a straight loan from the dialogue of the said episode...

Plot Inconsistencies

- Why oh, why... Explosion with sound effects on a radar screen? Oh please!

- Why does the NATO general tell Malone to stop the search for Woods so soon? Why does he sound so guilty?

- If the radar screen would show objects as small as a parachute... oh, well.

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