CI5 Operational Control
Samurai Wind - Transcript

Following an incident in which a CI5 agent is seriously injured in the line of duty, CI5 have to figure out what he knows in time to avert a potentially explosive situation. Transcript provided by Jill.

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Watching tape of Pentagon deaths in the main control room.

MALONE:  Hydrogen Cyanide.  Three times heavier than air.  Disseminated as liquid or vapour.  10 secs of concentration sufficient to cause death.

BACKUP:  Who would do something like that?

CHRIS:  And how did they get the stuff in there?  In the Pentagon?

SAM:  It has to be one of the most secure buildings on the planet.

CHRIS:  Or was.

MALONE:  Well, their news management is still very efficient.  They’re calling it a mystery disease.  Anyway, it’s not our responsibility, thank God.  This, however, is.  This is our new assignment.  We have been asked to consider the security implications of decommissioning the Russian Black Sea fleet.

SPENCER:  Sir.  All our systems are down.

MALONE:  What?

SPENCER:  Everything just shut off all at once.

MALONE:  That’s not possible.

SPENCER:  And it’s not a power failure.  The whole system’s been overridden.

MALONE:  Have you tried the emergency codes?

SPENCER:  They’re out too,  Nothing works.

DANE:  Good morning CI5 and a special good morning to you, Harry Malone.

CHRIS:  What the hell’s going on?

DANE:  I hope it’s not foggy or raining in London.  The weather here is absolutely wonderful.

SAM:  Who the hell’s he?

DANE:  I do wish I could see your face Harry, I really do.  There you are safe in your bunker when suddenly your worst nightmare comes true.

MALONE: Trace this transmission.

DANE:  For those innocent acolytes around you I’d better introduce myself.  I’m Jason Dane.  The man to whom you all owe your livelihood.  Oh, don’t worry, you won’t have heard of me.  I’m a pariah, I’m unclean, I’m the one they don’t talk about.  When this is all over you might ask Mr Malone why he is head of CI5 – and not me.  Meanwhile, yesterday in Washington DC two innocent young officers lost their lives.  If it can happen there it can happen anywhere – even you can work that out, Harry, but what you can’t work out is where it will happen next.  So I’m going to help you.  How about the entire city of Tokyo.  A vast metropolis of 12 million people.  And I have the capacity to kill millions.  Now watch carefully.  I know you’re recording this, so I’m going to show you this list for only 3 seconds. Are you ready?

MALONE:  What is it?

CHRIS:  Could be banking codes.

DANE:  30 bank accounts all over the world, pre-set by computer to transfer the money to 60 other accounts in a nanosecond, and then on to another 100 accounts and then on and on until the money has gone.  Disappeared.  In less than a minute.  Oh yes, it can be done.  Ask any currency dealer.  And what’s the price?  One billion dollars, placed into those accounts within 48 hours or I release 100 tons of Hydrogen Cyanide over Tokyo.  Yes that’s right.  100 tons of nerve gas.  Just like the Pentagon.  Hmmm.  Sayonara.

MALONE:  Mr. Spencer, analyse those numbers, get me a list of the banks.  Miss Backus get me the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the videolink.  You two, come with me.

Dane’s Hideout

KESSLER:  It was a perfect transmission.

DANE:  Of course it was.  Get some rest, gentlemen, and count the money in your dreams.

Malone’s Office

MALONE:  IQ of 180 and as dangerous as Attila the Hun.

SAM:  But who is he, sir?

MALONE:  Jason Dane.  Quite a file.  10 years ago Mr. Dane was the brightest operative in the Secret Service.

CHRIS:  He was a spook?

MALONE:  I was once a spook, Mr. Keel.  That’s where I was unfortunate enough to meet him.  A very unpleasant experience.

SAM:  He said we owe him our livelihoods.

MALONE:  Yes, in a sense he’s right, he rescued us.

CHRIS:  Rescued us?  How?

MALONE:  The man was a great thinker, Mr. Keel.  He wrote a brilliant thesis on world security, brilliant.   Without it CI5 would have closed down years ago.  I suppose you could say it put us on the international map.

CHRIS:  By writing a report?

MALONE:  And by constantly lobbying every important politician in Paris, Washington, Bonn.  It became an obsession with him.  Anyway, in the end his view prevailed.

SAM:  But if he was one of us - what went wrong?

MALONE:  Long story, Mr. Curtis

BACKUP:  General Roberts on V 4.

MALONE:  Ah, thank you.

BACKUP:  There’s something you should know.   Our system were crashed by an override code.

MALONE:  Which override code?

BACKUP:  Yours, sir.

MALONE:  Mine?  Do you mean this man has my code?  Track him down, find him, wherever the hell he is.  Start with his last known address.     George, my dear chap.  Sorry to have got you out of committee.  We actually have a bit of a crisis……

Dane’s Island

SHAW:  Radar’s in position boss.

DANE:  Do you know that some jellyfish are 8ft across.

SHAW:  No sir

DANE:  Don’t look so serious Mr.

Outside Dane’s old address

CHRIS:  Spooks did pretty well for themselves back in the day.

SAM:  Hey, there was a need for those guys.  Cold war, remember?

CHRIS:  Barely.

Inside the flat

CHRIS:  (with arm across Streeb-Greebling’s throat!)   Are you Piers Streeb-Greebling?  Are you here alone?  So it was you playing that Nocturne just now?

SAM:  Clear

STREEB-GREEBLING:  What is this?

CHRIS:  Sorry sir, but you were armed.

SAM:  My name’s Curtis, CI5.  This is my partner, Chris Keel. 

CHRIS:  According to land registry you’ve lived here 8 months.  You bought the flat from a man named Jason Dane.

SAM:  Did he leave a forwarding address, telephone number, anything at all?

STREEB-GREEBLING:  How dare you.  This is not a police state.

Control Room, CI5

MALONE:  Attention, everybody.  The Japanese government are declaring a national emergency, 9 p.m. Tokyo time, so extra vigilance on your screens, if you please.  (To Backup)  They’re discussing evacuation already,  Searching every sewer and subway in the city.

BACKUP:  Sir, I’ve been talking to the chemical companies.  Could all this be a bluff?

MALONE:  No, no, no, look what happened at the Pentagon.

BACKUP:  But he would need a huge amount of gas chemical – way beyond the capacity of the industry to produce.

SPENCER (joining them):  You asked me to check on any connection with Japan.  They’ve never made the stuff in any quantity.  But, there was a WWII project called Samurai Wind.  Apparently the Allies were  going to use gas against Japan to shorten the war.  But they used the atom bomb instead.

MALONE:  Let me see.

SPENCER:  According to the defence department, they were going to release it in the Pacific and let the trade winds drift it into Tokyo.

Streeb-Greebling’s Flat

SAM:  You never throw any of Mr. Dane’s stuff  away.

STREEB-GREEBLING:  Other people’s mail, Mr. Curtis, is sacrosanct.  It’s for them to open, them to read – even the junk mail.  Apparently that’s a concept that hasn’t occurred to you.

CHRIS:  He can barely read.

SAM:  Maybe not, but I can count – and that makes 3

CHRIS:  3 what?

Malone’s office

SAM:  3 airline schedules – all to the South Pacific area, all addressed to Dane and none of them un-solicited.  For example, “Dear Mr. Dane, further to your recent enquiry, etc.…

BACKUP (entering office):  You were right, it was Nomine Patri – they had a secret base there?

CHRIS:  What’s Nomine Patri?

BACKUP:  An island in the South Pacific, uninhabited.

MALONE (reading from report): January 1945.  Decision taken to stockpile Hydrogen Cyanide on Nomine Patri.  February, secure facility complete.  March,  first stocks arrive aboard USS Marissa. (reads on)  Good God. 

SAM:  What is it?

MALONE:  They never cleared it.  At the end of the war they secured the gas in canisters and buried it.  Underground bunkers. 100 tons of Hydrogen Cyanide.  And it’s still there. On the island.

Control Room Screen

BACKUP:  These are the trade winds.  And there is Nomine Patri.

MALONE:  Directly in line with the Samurai Wind.

SAM:  The Allies were going to dump all that gas into the air.  That’s horrific.

MALONE:  It was a long, hard war, Mr. Curtis. 

CHRIS:  I think I prefer the atom bomb.

MALONE:  Yes, so did the Allies. Believe it or not, it killed far fewer people.

SAM:  So what now?

MALONE:  Well, if the Japanese decide to pay, all well and good, but I don’t think they will.  And if Dane has control of that gas on that island then the island has to be secured at all costs.

CHRIS:  Well, we’re talking landing craft, US marines – the American Navy have a base right here – Maniko Harbour.

MALONE:  No, he’ll have thought of that – be waiting for it.  It’s all too easy isn’t it?

SAM:  Easy?

MALONE:  Yes, we found that island in a few hours.  If he’d left some false trails he could have held us up indefinitely.  But he didn’t, did he.  Now why do you think that happened?  What does that tell you?

CHRIS:  Probably got something else up his sleeve.

MALONE:  Precisely, which is why we must take him by surprise.

SAM:  We, sir.

MALONE:  Oh, yes, this job has been handed over to us – initially anyway.  Jolly flattering, that really, isn’t it.  Prepare yourselves for a HALO drop.  I want you two on that island before dawn tomorrow.

On the Plane

SAM:  This is not what’s meant by the mile high club.

CHRIS:  Not how I remember it.  We’re 7 miles high on the airline route.

SAM:  Yeah, wearing kinky rubber suits.

CHRIS:  Want your skin to burn off when you hit the atmosphere?

SAM:  Hey, I’m not complaining.  It’ll grow on me.

MALONE’S VOICE:  This is Sunray 5, Sunray 5. Over.

CHRIS:  Go ahead,  Sunray.

Control Room

MALONE:  The matter in question has now been dealt with.  You are in the clear

CHRIS’S VOICE:  Roger, Sunray.  Out.

MALONE (to Backup):  Keep tracking them.

BACKUP:  Yes sir.

On the plane

CHRIS:  Now, that’s what I call clout.  Malone diverting a civilian airliner and putting us in it’s place.

SAM:  Yeah, so if Dane’s got radar down there he’ll think we’re that commercial flight.

CHRIS:  Sam, we’ll make a special ops man out of you yet.

Danes’ island

KESSLER:  Mr. Dane, I think we’ve got them.

DANE:  Right on time, just like the airliner they’re replacing

KESSLER:  What if this is just the first wave, what if they land in force.

DANE:  Another month in training, Mr. Kessler, and you’ll know the answer to that.  Mr. Shaw, how much of the North beach can you see?

SHAW:  All of it.

DANE:  Well, allowing for wind they should be landing half way between Welcome 6 & Welcome 7.

SHAW:  You want to come up and greet them?

DANE:  Wouldn’t miss it for a million dollars.

On the plane

PILOT:  Stand by Jumpmaster.

CHRIS:  This is it.

SAM:  You love this don’t you

CHRIS:  Follow the leader

SAM:  Well, just make sure you land on the north side of the island, the side without the moonlight?  I hate being a sitting duck.

CHRIS (as he jumps):  Woo hoo!!

Dane’s island

SHAW:  Here they come.

DANE:  Completely by the book.  It’s always been Malone’s weakness.  Predictability.  Lambs to the slaughter and it’s not even their fault.

SHAW:  Sir?

DANE:  Underestimating the enemy.  Stand by Mr. Shaw.

On the beach.

(Chris helps Sam up)

CHRIS:  You alright?

SAM:  Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.

DANE (to Shaw):    They should have come by sea, underwater, to the south shore.  Time to say hello, Mr. Shaw.

SHAW:  Welcome 7?

DANE:  No,  6


DANE (over megaphone):  Welcome to Nomine Patri, Mr. Curtis, you too, Mr. Keel.  Oh yes, we know your names, we’ve been hacking your communications system for some hours.  I even know what school you went to, Mr. Curtis.  We listened to your conversation with the pilot  - I do apologise.  Now understand this.  The only reason you’re not dead is because you’re more useful to me alive.  We’ll talk again in the morning, gentlemen.

SAM:  You alright?

CHRIS:  You’re not.

SAM:  I didn’t feel a thing.

CHRIS:  You will.

DANE:  Oh, one other thing.  Your satellite link won’t work.  Pleasant dreams.

CHRIS (Checking his phone):  They got our frequency.  They’re jamming us.

DANE:  Fancy some supper, Mr. Shaw?

Control Room

BACKUP:  Still nothing

SPENCER:  Pilot confirms, they jumped at 22 40.


BACKUP:  Something’s gone wrong, sir.

MALONE:  Yes, yes. Possibly walked into a trap.  (to Spencer)  Alright, get me the Pentagon.  Naval Intelligence.

SPENCER:  We’re calling in the US Navy.

MALONE:  No, we’re calling in a favour.  Miss Backus, get your combat gear together.  We’re going to the Pacific.

Dane’s Hideout

DANE:  Do you like Chopin, Kessler?  I tried to teach Streeb-Greebling to play this, but he’s got fingers like haddocks.

SHAW:  He has his uses.

DANE:  One use – to make sure CI5 found us.


DANE:  Why?  Why what, Kessler?

KESSLER:  Why let them find us.  The whole island could be swarming with troops…..

DANE:  Don’t you question my judgement.  Ever.

KESSLER to Shaw:  I thought we were in this for the money.

SHAW:  We are

KESSLER:  Then why is he playing games with CI5?

Out on the island

CHRIS:  You’re losing blood

SAM:  Yeah.

CHRIS:  Hey, look down there

SAM:  Getaway boat

CHRIS:  Or what they came in. 

SAM:  Or both.

CHRIS:   We gotta keep going.  The further we travel the harder we’ll be to find.  Keep moving.

SAM:  Nag, nag, nag.

Outside HQ

BACKUP:  Sir, do you think he’ll do it?  I mean really do it?

MALONE:  During the cold war a very clever agent wrote a paper on pre-emptive nuclear strikes.   You know, get them before they get us sort of thing.  If he’d had his way Moscow would have been obliterated, radioactive dust.  That was Jason Dane.

On the island

CHRIS:  Hang in there  The cavalry will here soon.

SAM:  You promise?

CHRIS:  You know Malone

SAM:  Come on, Malone will be thinking about the population of Tokyo, somewhere out there on the Samurai Wind.  We’re just a blip.

CHRIS:  That’s the pain talking.

SAM:  Oh come on, Chris, get real.  We’re paid to do a job.  If we happen to get blown up along the way we’ll be lucky to get a memorial service.

CHRIS:  Hey, at least I’d be there.

SAM:  Yeah, me too.

CHRIS:  Now, how fast can you move with that arm?

SAM:  Still faster than you.

CHRIS:  So, let’s go get us some Potassium, Sodium…….

SAM:  Hydrogen Cyanide.

CHRIS:  You know, I had a schoolteacher like you once.  Only she was pretty.

Out on the island

SHAW:  Boss, they’re moving, coming across the island, heading your way.

DANE:  Bring them in

SHAW:  We can pick them off from here, easy

DANE:  No I want them alive.  I want them in one piece

KESSLER:  They’re going to die anyway, why waste time.

DANE:  Kessler, have you never done any fishing.  I want them alive.

KESSLER:  Pah, fish!

SHAW:  He means Malone.

KESSLER:  I know what he means and he’s crazy.  He wants mano a mano with the head of CI5 right here on this island.  What’s with this guy anyway?

SHAW:  Just keep track.  Oh, these guys are good.

KESSLER:  Ja?  We’re better.

Ahead of them

CHRIS:  OK, the island’s 2 and a half miles long N to S.  If we keep heading west, eventually we end up behind where we landed.  He’s bound to be there somewhere.  Gotta be.

SAM:  Then what?

CHRIS:  We take them out.

SAM:  What if there’s 50 of them?

CHRIS:  That’s 25 apiece.  (Sam smiles in spite of himself)

Dane’s hideout.

(Dane listening in on the radio)

RADIO OPERATOR’S VOICE:  This is Maniko Base, confirm priority code One. Over

MALONE’S VOICE:  Code Charlie India 5, ETA 14.30 hours. Over.

PRESTON’S VOICE:  Harry, this is John Preston.  We’re all ready for you here , over.

MALONE’S VOICE:  Thanks, John, and give my regards to Admiral Wesley.

DANE:  You’re getting careless, Harry.  Remember what you taught me.  Always use the scrambler.

Out on the island

SHAW:  Who trains these guys?

KESSLER:  The fish?  (laughs)

Dane’s Hideout

DANE:  I’ve got two of your boy scouts here.  Do you want to do a deal?

MALONE’S VOICE:  What do you want, Dane?

DANE:  You, Harry.  Just you.  On the south beach, 18.30 hrs, alone.  Or they die.  Have you got that?  Have a nice day. …………….  Got him!

Maniko Harbour

MALONE:  John, if he’s got radar, and I’m sure he has, he’ll see you coming.  Anyway, Washington have already agreed to try my way first.

PRESTON:  You’re playing a dangerous game, Harry.  That stuff goes up and we’ve done nothing about it, it could bring down the Government – yours as well as ours.

MALONE:  And kill thousands of innocent human beings.  I do know that.

PRESTON:  Yeah, well, at least we know the island is uninhabited.  My boys are ready to blow it to hell.

MALONE:  And what if he presses the button first.  The deadline is in 6 hrs.   I need 2.  After that, John, he is all yours.

PRESTON:  Harry, what about the money?  A billion dollars could be cheap at the price.

MALONE:  No, it opens the floodgates to any genocidal maniac who thinks it has the means to commit mass murder.  Tomorrow New York, next week Paris?

PRESTON:  Yeah, I take your point, Harry.  Well, good luck.  Remember, we’re only a heartbeat away.

MALONE:  One thing I need.  Didn’t get the chance before I left London.

PRESTON:  What’s that?

MALONE:  I need a map, Nomine Patri, 1945, particularly the military installation.

PRESTON:  Not here.  Washington may have one.

MALONE:  Can you get it to me before I leave?

PRESTON:  Get onto it right away.

MALONE:  Thank you, John, very much for your help.

Out on the island


SAM:  Yeah.  Hey why didn’t we do this the easy way and just tunnel through the rock with our bare hands?

CHRIS:  We’re behind them now.  My guess is it’ll be just beyond that ridge.

SAM:  Well, why don’t I wait here and let you bring the ridge to me.

Shaw and Kessler over fire on them

SHAW:  Dane said keep them alive.

KESSLER:  To hell with Dane.  It’s me I want to keep alive.

SHAW:  He knows what he’s doing.

SAM:  The old one-two?

CHRIS:  You up to it?

KESSLER (to Shaw):  A hundred million each, he said.  The Japs will pay, no problem.  Then he blows our cover.

SAM (to Chris):  See you in hell.  Go!

KESSLER (to Shaw):  I say we finish them off and get out of here.

CHRIS (to Kessler as he sneaks up behind him and kicks him over):  Hi

SHAW (to Sam as he creeps up behind him):  Don’t even think about it.

DANE’S VOICE (as Chris is about to shoot Shaw):  Keel, stand still.  One move and your friend dies.  It’s your choice.  (Chris lowers his gun)  Well done, Mr. Shaw.  Bring them in.

Dane’s Hideout

DANE:  Stop panicking.  We’ve got 4 hours left.  Now what’s the problem.

STREEB-GREEBLING:  I’ve been talking to this banker and he said there are ways of blocking…..

DANE:  I told you to talk to no-one.

STREEB-GREEBLING:  He’s just a currency dealer.  I told him nothing.

DANE:  Get this clear.  There is no way there is one cent of that money can ever be traced.  Now get off this phone – it’s supposed to be used for one call only.  Idiot.

Control Room/Malone’s Helicopter

SPENCER:  Rebecca, put me on secure


SPENCER:  HQ to Sunray, come in Sunray.  Sir, I’ve been monitoring that civil servant, the one with the crazy name.  He just made a call – I think it the target.


SPENCER:  You were right, sir, he’s the banking link.

MALONE:  Good work.  Now, this is what we do.

SPENCER:  Right sir, got it.


MALONE:  Miss Backus, we’re almost there.

Dane’s Hideout

DANE (watching radar screen):  Come on, come on.  Ah!  The game’s afoot.

CHRIS:  What’s going on, I wonder.

Sam starts manoevering himself off his bunk.

CHRIS:  What are you doing?

SAM:  Shut up. (gets over to Chris)  Get your teeth on the ropes.

Dane out on the beach waiting for Malone.  Chopper arriving.

SAM:  Shhh…  Listen

CHRIS:  Chopper.  Could be their getaway.

SAM:  Could be they’re about to blow this place.

Backup jumps into water from chopper.  Malone lands on beach and gets out.  Backup lands on rocks and gets into combat gear.

CHRIS (to Sam who is now on the floor trying to get free from ropes):  What are you doing?  You’re going to break your arm!

On the beach

Kessler & Shaw appear behind Malone  followed by Dane.

DANE:  Impressive aren’t they?  How long has it been?  10 years? 12?   (Malone spreads his arms to be patted down)  Wise precaution, Harry.

SHAW:  He’s clean.

DANE:  My men don’t like surprises.

Dane’s hideout

Sam gets his arm free with a great deal of effort and pain.

CHRIS:  I don’t know how you did that.

SAM:  It’s easy when you’ve lost the feeling in one arm

On the beach

MALONE:  Delusions, pure fantasy.  The product of a very sick mind.

DANE:  You know what fascinates me about you, Harry?  Your ability to twist things inside out.  I’m not deluded, you are!  You stole my ideas and now you convince yourself that you invented them.

MALONE:  Cowley’s ideas.  He started CI5, very successfully for 20 years.

DANE:  That’s the old CI5. I gave it teeth.

KESSLER (to Shaw):  This is crazy.

DANE:  I gave it international credibility

KESSLER:  Let’s get out of here

DANE:  And you stole my glory!

Backup finds the bunker

Dane’s Hideout.

Chris finishes untying himself and Sam

SAM:  So where is it?

CHRIS:  Where’s what?

SAM:  The Hydrogen Cyanide!

CHRIS:  I don’t know how to break it to you, Sam, but Dane forgot to draw me a map.

They grab guns and leave

Backup dons gas mask and enters bunker

On the beach

MALONE:  That’s what made you fail, that’s why they rejected you.  You believe in power and strength to the exclusion of everything else – everything that really matters in this world.

DANE: And you believe in weakness.

MALONE:  No, I do not believe in it – but by God I’ll defend it.  To me, that is what CI5 is for, to protect those who can’t protect themselves.  You could never lead it.  Men like you should never be allowed to wield power, Jason.  You’re a petty little Napoleon about to meet your Waterloo.

DANE:  Take a look around you, Harry.  Where’s your power?

Phone rings

DANE:  Yes?  Yes. 

Boys rush into military complex tunnels

On the beach/Streeb-Greebling’s flat

DANE:  The two in Switzerland?  The Wall St. five?

STREEB-GREEBLING:  All of them.  The system is working perfectly.

DANE:  Now hang up.  Never use this number again  (throws phone into water)  The Japanese Government have just paid up.  One thousand million dollars.  (to Harry)  What does it feel like to lose?

MALONE:  I don’t know.  I’ll tell you when I do. (smiles)

S-G is taken away by police

Backup enters room with gas canisters.  Finds computer timer.

On the beach

KESSLER:  So, so what are we waiting for.

SHAW:  Come on boss, the boat's ready.

DANE:  What boat?  (blows up boat)

In the tunnels

CHRIS:  What the hell was that?

SAM:  I don’t know.  Let’s keep going.

On the beach

KESSLER:  You are crazy.

MALONE:  No, no, he’s not crazy.  He’s just a little bit cleverer than he looks.  See, that boat would have been picked up in half an hour.  The only way you are going to get off this island is in that (points at chopper) using my call sign, and pretending to be me.  That is why you got me here, am I right?

DANE:  Half right as usual.  There’s more.  Mr. Shaw, start it up

In the tunnels

The boys arrive at the tunnel door to the bunker.  Chris tries the door.

CHRIS:  Before you ask, Dane forgot to give me a key.

Backup opens the door from her side.

SAM:  Backup!

BACKUP:  Get out.  Now.

CHRIS:  What the hell?

BACKUP:  There’s half a ton of HE in here hooked to a remote.

CHRIS:  So let’s deal with it.

BACKUP:  No, this stuff is unstable.  I’m the only one with a mask. 

SAM (looking around):  God almighty!

BACKUP:  Find Malone.

CHRIS:  Malone?  What’s he doing here?

BACKUP:  He landed on the beach to keep Dane talking.  Go.

Chris shuts the door.  Backup goes back to start disarming the bomb.  Boys run towards beach.

On the beach

MALONE:  You won’t fool them  They’ll shoot it down

DANE:  Oh no, I don’t think so, not with you on board – to give your ID personally.  Yes, you’re going to watch the island blow.  It should be fun.  This is effective up to 10 miles.  You’re with me to the end, Harry.  The end of CI5, the great security force that couldn’t lift a finger to stop a million people dying because they put the wrong man in charge.  This is my moment, yes.

Walks Malone towards chopper.  Malone pushes Dane into the rotors.  The boys arrive, Sam fires first then dives behind rock.  Chris rolls and fires over another rock, taking out Shaw.  Then moves sideways (into Sam’s line of fire!) and takes out Kessler.  They both run towards Malone.

Backup still trying to disarm bomb.  (Not good enough, CI5)

Malone walks over to Dane:

MALONE:  Impressive, aren’t they, Jason

The boys run up

SAM:  You alright, sir?

MALONE:  Yes, absolutely fine, thank you very much.  Alright, come on, let’s go and find Miss Backus.  Move, move!

Backup disarms remote.  Leaves bunker.  Hears noise going up stairs and draws gun.  Finds two guns pointing at her from top of stairs – Chris & Sam, with Malone standing between them.  Smiles, lowers gun and raises chip she took from remote.

BACKUP:  Hi.  You missed all the fun.

All relax and smile back.

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