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All operatives should note that the following mission reports are very detailed, and are intended to assist operatives in preparing their own mission reports. Consequently they contain material which is colloquially known as 'spoilers', and agents wishing to avoid 'spoilers' should not view this material.

Back to Business - Following an incident in which a CI5 agent is seriously injured in the line of duty, CI5 have to figure out what he knows in time to avert a potentially explosive situation. Episode Transcript.

Phoenix - When a hitman starts to assassinate individuals associated with Malone's past, CI5 are faced with the prospect of an adversary believed killed eighteen years before.

Tusk Force - CI5 are asked by a South African Minister to investigate large scale ivory poaching, as the South African Government believes that there may be corruption within their own ranks.

Hostage - When terrorists overrun a television studio, accusing the guest of being a war criminal, CI5 are asked to intervene, which brings them into direct conflict with the police.

First Strike - When a small plane carrying Russian black-market plutonium crashes in the Louisiana Bayou, Keel and Curtis find themselves opposite Slade an ex-army colonel with a mission.

Samurai Wind - When Jason Dane hacks into the CI5 Intranet, claiming to be the founder of CI5, Curtis, Keel and Backup have to track him down before he releases nerve gas into Tokyo and kills over a million people. Episode Transcript.

Skorpion - A splinter Russian group kidnaps a computer expert for nefarious purposes and Curtis and Keel must find him before it is too late.

Choice Cuts - An FBI agent is murdered in Richmond, Virginia and his kidneys are stolen. When it turns out that he is the son of an old friend of Malone's, it becomes personal, despite his number one rule - 'Never become emotionally involved'.

Miss Hit - CI5 are asked to protect the key witness in a Mafia trial. Unfortunately, when the local police get involved the pickup goes wrong, and Curtis and Keel are charged with the task of finding their witness before the Mob does.

Orbit - A professor is killed by a high powered energy beam while investigating reports of UFOs. CI5 are called into investigate.

High Speed - What does a Formula One racing team have to do with stolen Bosnian gold reserves and a suspected war criminal? When a CI5 operative is murdered on the job, CI5 know that they are onto something big.

Souvenir - When Curtis receives a message that his old MI6 controller is in trouble he involves CI5, in direct contravention of the first rule.

Glory Days - CI5 become aware of a Russian Mafia faction plot to target the American president on the eve of a historic conference on worldwide security.

The Slasher's Guide to the New Professionals: This is a guide for all of the slashers among our operatives, listing out all of those slashy scenes episode by episode. For those operatives not familiar with the term 'slash' it refers to an implied or stated relationship between two members of the same sex, and in this context can be taken to mean between Curtis and Keel.

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