CI5 Operational Control
First Strike

When a plane from Russia comes down in a Louisiana Bayou, CI5 are not the only interested parties. Synopsis provided by Niki.

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Key Players

Colonel George Lincoln Slade - a leader of his own armed militia, is about to get his hands on some Russian black market plutonium he hopes is going to help him in his quest to save a country form itself

Amy Brennan - a sheriff in Louisiana Bayou. Teams up with Sam & Chris

General Bramar - the man who would be responsible for the operation if Malone didn't insist on CI5 participation

Lieutenant Nichols - is seconded to help CI5


CI5 is tracking a plane that contains something worth 10 millions, purchased from the Russian mafia. It is heading to the bayous of Louisiana, and Sam and Chris are following it. They think it's drugs, but being of this magnitude - and international - it falls under CI5 jurisdiction, and Malone convinces the Americans to let him lead the operation.

Sam and Chris witness the party waiting for the plain. It looks military. The plane crashes, and the troops go looking for it, but the agents get a picture of the leader to Malone. With the aid of General Bramar and Lt. Nichols, the man is identified as Colonel Slade, who left the army to start his own armed militia, with men who are loyal to him to death. Lt. Nichols had a man undercover in the unit, but he has failed to report. He has been killed.

The plane was carrying weapons grade plutonium, which has killed the pilot. A local hunter finds the crash site, and goes off to die in Fuller's fish camp, from where Slade and his troops find him. They see that Noah is dying of the radiation poisoning, and realise he must have found the plane. They are told Noah never told about his hunting grounds to anyone, except maybe his niece. Slade decides all the people at the fish camp must die, because they can have no witnesses. Claiming that Noah died of "Brankish fever" Slade gets everyone in the camp to take an injection to protect them. It kills them. Amy Brennan, Noah's niece - also a local sheriff - arrives conveniently to lead Slade to her uncle's hunting ground.

After a while, she gets suspicious of the colonel and runs away. As Slade and the others have located the plane, they decide not to spend time chasing her. She joins forces with Sam and Chris, after trying to arrest them.  Their car had been destroyed in a fire fight in the fish camp, when Slade - sure that they were followed - sent a couple of guys to cover their tracks. So they took Amy's police car. Back at the camp they had also seen Noah, who had died of radiation poisoning, which told them what was in the plane.

Slade and his troops find the plane, and collect the plutonium. Sam, Chris, and Amy ambush them on the way back, and get everyone but Slade, who escapes in the truck that has the plutonium. Backup shoots the car from a watchtower.

Bramar and Malone appear, and Slade surrenders to the commanding officer - which is still Malone. He is obviously dying of radiation. He explains his reasons to Malone, telling he needed the plutonium to save the country from itself, from the pornographers, violence, and "those tyrants in Washington taking away our privacy, taking away our rights". He also asks for a favour. "Soldier's last request", and Malone leaves him a gun he uses to shoot himself.

Personal Comments

- Colin Wells with stubble! Be still my beating heart!

- Some nice conversation about Malone's birthday present.

- Backup's camouflage fishnet shirt? Get me one! Her call sign is 5.3. I think this was the first episode to use it.

- Backup gets to do something else than play the role of the secretary!

- Slade's speech is lame, but this is still one of the better episodes.

Plot Inconsistencies

Can't really find much... but I am sure plutonium isn't hot enough to burn your hands, and there might be something to say about the radiation poisoning, how it looks, and how long it takes etc.

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