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An FBI agent is murdered in Richmond, Virginia and his kidneys are stolen. When it turns out that he is the son of an old friend of Malone's, it becomes personal, despite his number one rule - 'Never become emotionally involved'.

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Key Players

Matthew '7:12' Hall - runs the local homeless centre from where a number of homeless people, including a Senator's daughter, have disappeared.

'Big' Jim Conway - police officer in the Sheriff's department and ex-green beret.

Dr Elizabeth Shepherd - Principal at the Southside Surgical Center.

Deputy Assistant Director Louis Dupris - FBI contact who is hiding something.


In Richmond, Virginia an FBI agent is investigating the disappearance of a Senator's daughter, Susan Fisipari. The agent, Peter Morgan, phones a contact at the FBI (John) and informs him that his investigation suggests that individuals illegally harvesting organs have murdered nine people and that he believes that the Senator's daughter was a victim. He requests that John set up a meeting with the Senator's people to discuss his findings.

After he finishes his phone call he is approached by an attractive blonde who wonders if he's looking for some company for the evening. They move to his room, where Morgan is overcome with dizziness. As he moves into the bathroom, the blonde leaves the room, letting two men in. Morgan collapses as one moves to inject him with a syringe.

When Morgan recovers consciousness, he is lying in the bathroom in a bath filled with ice. Sellotaped to the wall is a message which reads 'Call 911 or you will die'. However, before he can reach the phone he collapses (1).

CI5 become involved when Malone learns of Peter Morgan's death. Backup does some investigating and determines that while there are 40,000 organ transplants a year within the United States, there are only 25,000 donors annually. While multiple transplants (more than one organ being donated by one donor) could account for a large part of the discrepancy, this still leaves about 1,000 organs unaccounted for, suggesting that a black market in organs does exist.

Malone contacts the Director of the FBI, but is forced to deal with Deputy Director Louis Dupris instead, who is less than sympathetic to CI5 interest. Backup has hacked into the FBI database and found that Morgan filed no case reports, or if he did they aren't on file. She assures Malone that her hacking will not be discovered. Frustrated, Malone instructs Backup to pull Curtis and Keel from New York and send them to Richmond to investigate. When Backup asks if they should inform the FBI that they are investigating, in line with agreed interagency procedures, the answer is no.

Curtis and Keel make their way to Richmond, and discuss relative linguistics (the 'all y'all' conversation). Making their way to the morgue, they read the coroner's report which says that Morgan's kidneys were removed, which killed them. Keel points out that the cuts were made with surgical precision, and therefore made by a doctor, and that he was good, to which Curtis replies, 'He can't have been that good. He killed the patient!' Curtis also notes that there are no bruises on the body, which suggests Morgan knew his attacker.

Meanwhile Backup asks why CI5 are investigating when this is obviously within FBI jurisdiction. Malone yells at her, before apologising and explaining the reasons for his actions. Twenty six years ago Peter Morgan's father, Jack Morgan, was on assignment with Malone in Chicago and was killed by terrorists in a tatty little apartment building. He died in Malone's arms, and Malone still feels responsible for his death, as he was in charge of the assignment, even though the official inquiry cleared him of all blame. Since then he has done what he can for the family, and now he can do something concrete - find Peter Morgan's killer.

Curtis and Keel check out Morgan's hotel room where they find the note attached to the wall in the bathroom. They encounter a local police officer, Big Jim Conway, attached to the Sheriff's Office, who is intrigued by Curtis' accent. Keel explains that his partner is British, to which Conway replies, 'So was Jack the Ripper wasn't he?' Curtis explains that 'It's hard to say since they never caught him!'

Curtis and Keel discuss the case so far and come to the conclusion that someone came to Morgan's room, probably invited there. Curtis decides to do some recon, telling Keel that he's taking his accent for a walk. He visits the hotel bar and tells the bartender that he's from out of town and that he's 'looking for some company'. After much persuasion the bartender tells him about a blonde who works the bars.

Curtis and Keel track down the blonde prostitute seen with Morgan earlier and when they find drugs in her apartment they persuade her to tell them what she knows, which turns out not to be very much. She tells them that the men were Morgan's friends and that they sent her to him to show him a good time. She tells the two agents that she can't give them a good description as the men were wearing rain slickers and she didn't get a good look at them.

Curtis and Keel know that she's lying to them but cannot tell if she's lying because she's scared or lying to protect someone. The return to the car, and as they are driving along Jessop Street Malone phones Curtis on his mobile. He tells them to drive two blocks past Blaydon Street and join Backup.

Back at the prostitute's apartment she is busily packing when the two men who killed Morgan come in and kill her.

Malone has a plan. There is a billionaire industrialist who is a recluse and has a rare blood group, Rh+ (2), just like Keel's. Keel points out that his blood group is O. Malone's plan is that he will go undercover as Sir John Grover, since there are no photographs available of him, and Keel will go undercover as a homeless man, registering as Rh+ with the local blood bank. Backup attaches a virus to the blood bank so that they'll be alerted if anyone pulls Chris' records.

Curtis drops Keel off at the Richmond Center for the Homeless (although the sign on the door reads '4th Street Center'). Keel switches off his mobile. As Curtis watches Keel walk to the Center's door he receives a call from Backup to tell him that while they were monitoring the local police frequencies they heard that a female body has been found. Curtis heads off to investigate.

At the Southside Surgical Center, the Principal, Dr Elizabeth Shepherd places a call about sending organs on the Medivac flight to Cleveland.

At the homeless center Keel meets Matthew 7:12, who runs the Center. Keel correctly remembers that Matthew 7:12 reads 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you' (3).

At the crime site Curtis runs into Conway again. He recognises the corpse as that of the prostitute he and Keel interviewed earlier. Conway knows that the woman worked as a prostitute, but when Curtis asks if he knew her, he replies that he'd never met her before in his life but that he 'knows a hooker when he sees one'.

Meanwhile Malone and Backup, in the guise of Grover and his nurse (4), pay a visit on Dr Shepherd at the Southside Surgical Center, where Malone persuades her that he will pay handsomely for a matching kidney. The price is $2m.

Matthew talks to Keel, informing him that there is money available from the kitty if he needs it. When Keel refuses, Matthew informs him that if he's too proud to take charity there's always the blood bank which will pay him for donating blood. Keel informs him that he's already signed up.

Malone and Backup leave Shepherd's office and she promptly makes a phone call to inform an unknown party that she requires an Rh+ kidney.

A short time later someone accesses Keel's file at the blood bank. Backup traces the interested party to the Public Library, but by the time Curtis reaches the scene no-one is there. Malone instructs Curtis and Backup to keep Keel under surveillance, but they are unable to find him. No-one at the homeless centre has seen him for more than an hour.

Darkness has fallen and Keel is making his way through the less salubrious parts of Richmond when he is waylaid by two attackers wearing balaclavas. He fights back but one man manages to jab him with a syringe. He collapses and is dumped in the boot of a car. He recovers consciousness long enough to locate a jemmy in the boot and attempt to free himself.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Backup are cruising the streets looking for him. Backup spots Chris' broken mobile phone on the ground.

Chris manages to free himself. By that time the car is outside of the city, and he hides in some undergrowth, crawling through it to avoid his pursuers before finally succumbing to the effects of the drug in his system.

Malone informs Curtis and Backup that there is nothing they can do. They cannot go to the local police because they have nothing to go on but the location of Keel's mobile, and no clues as to the whereabouts of the agent himself. Backup correctly guesses that Keel is to rely upon his own resources.

The following morning Keel recovers consciousness and hitchhikes his way back into Richmond in a pickup truck, consigned to the back as the farmer driving the truck has reserved the front seat for his pet pig.

Conway pays a visit to Shepherd, and informs her that the person that he and 'the doc' attempted to grab the night before was a cop - he recognised Keel from the hotel. When he tells Shepherd that Keel escaped, and that 'the boy sure could fight', Shepherd acidly points out that Conway is an ex-green beret and should have been able to deal with it. Realising that the whole scenario must have been a set up, she sends him after Malone and Backup.

To Curtis' and Backup's relief he turns up fit and well at their HQ. Backup's background check has revealed that the dead prostitute was treated for drug addiction at the same homeless centre as the Senator's daughter by a Dr Hall. Keel correctly identifies this as Matthew 7:12.

Meanwhile Matthew pays a visit to Shepherd, and reveals that he is Shepherd's ex-husband and that she approached him to assist in the scheme she had for organ harvesting to help him pay off his debts following his alcohol addiction and resulting debts.

Curtis and Keel raid the homeless centre, and while they find that Matthew has already flown the coop, there is an operating table set up in his office (5).

Back at the temporary HQ Backup is on the phone to Curtis when the lights go out. They hear sounds from above them and open fire into the roof. Conway is on the roof and pours acid into the water sprinkler system before turning it on. However, Malone and Backup have already left.

Worried by the fact that the phone went dead, Curtis and Keel rush back to HQ only to be forced back by the acidic fumes as all of their equipment dissolves. Keel's mobile rings - it's Malone to tell him that he and Backup are on their way to Shepherd's office to confront Shepherd about her activities. Rule number seven, comments Curtis - always have an escape route.

By the time that Curtis and Keel arrive at the Southside Surgical Center Malone and Backup have already arrested Shepherd and Hall. Conway, however, is not willing to go without a fight and rushes out firing an automatic weapon at the two agents. Curtis takes him out with a single head shot.

Deputy Assistant Director Dupris turns up and it is revealed that the FBI were aware of the situation all along, suppressing Morgan's reports to avoid embarrassing the Senator, as any publicity would reveal that Susan Fisipari was a drug addict and prostitute. No-one will be charged with murder for the same reason, but Shepherd and Hall will be charged with kidnapping and attempting to murder Keel, and serve at least 10 years.

The CI5 agents are left to digest the fact that because of the Senator's connections no one will be punished for the crimes committed in Richmond and the murder of people for organs will continue to be dismissed as an urban myth.

Personal Insights

Malone suffers from guilt for the death of a friend twenty-six years before.

Backup is willing to argue even with Malone if she feels that CI5 are stepping outside of their remit.

Keel is blood group O and can quote from the Bible. He also smokes while undercover as a homeless man.

Plot Inconsistencies

These are a fanfiction writer's bugbears - those inconsistencies in plot which we feel we just have to address.

  1. If the intention was to kill Peter Morgan to keep him silent, then why leave his body to be found without his kidneys, and why leave him alive to potentially give information to the police? Was he selected not because he was an FBI agent but because someone thought he was just a traveller passing through and who wouldn't be missed? In that case, why change from targeting vagrants?
  2. There is actually no such blood group as Rh+. The blood groups are A, B, AB and O (universal donor) which is the group Keel claims to belong to. Within these groups are subgroups rhesus negative (Rh-) and rhesus positive (Rh+) but these are not blood groups in their own right.
  3. It's not clear if this means that Keel was aware of Matthew before he got to the Center and did some research or whether he really does know the Bible that well.
  4. Even Malone's dressing gown is pinstriped.
  5. If Matthew's operating equipment is set up in the homeless centre, why did they have to drive Keel out of town.
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