CI5 Operational Control
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Following an incident in which a CI5 agent is seriously injured in the line of duty, CI5 have to figure out what he knows in time to avert a potentially explosive situation. Transcript provided by Jill.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Night:† Man in black overalls and balaclava carrying assault rifle cuts through fence and approaches a bunker window.† A guard is patrolling the fence.† Through the grill over the window he sees a table with 6 dummies seated around it.† There are papers on the table.† At the head of the table a female dummy sits in a chair with a carved eagle with spread wings at the top of the back.

Inside bunker

A man (Stacey) and a woman (Friella) are looking at a view of the room on a TV monitor

STACEY:† The dimensions are accurate.† Behind the drapes thereíll be windows.

FRIELLA: †Will that effect the blast?

STACEY:† Minimal.† (into radio)† Faud, show us.

Outside the bunker the man watches through the window as another man pushes a trolley into the room.† The man and woman inside the bunker watch on their TV screen.† The man at the trolley packs objects looking like jacks around a coffee hotplate, sets a timer, puts a coffee pot onto the plate.† As he† removes the pot, a metal knob in the centre of the hotplate starts rising.† He leaves the room.

Outside the complex, a helicopter is arriving.† Malone is in the chopper.

Inside the bunker the metal knob comes to a halt and the bomb explodes demolishing the table and dummies around it.†† The man and woman exchange satisfied glances.

MALONE (in the chopper):† What the hell was that?

The man outside the window views the damage, then starts to move away.† The guard spots him and opens fire, hitting him.† He fires back.

FRIELLA:† Whatís happening?

In the chopper

MALONE (viewing movement on an infra-red screen):† Right, weíll get him out now.


More guards appear chasing the man who tries to escape them over a wall.

MALONE (into headset microphone):† Perry.† Perry.† The perimeter. Move.† Move!

The man (Perry) crawls through fence towards now landed chopper, followed by guards.† His gun is empty, so he throws it away before running to the chopper.† Malone helps him aboard shouting ĎNowí to the pilot.


MALONE (into phone):† Malone.† Yes.† Right, thank you Doctor.† Let me know the minute he comes out of surgery.† Thank you.

BACKUP (walking into Maloneís office):† Sir, Iíve been calling Curtis & Keel in LA for almost an hour.† Theyíre not picking up.

MALONE:† Keep trying.† I want them back here on the next plane.

BACKUP:† Yes, sir.

A rail yard in Los Angeles

A Rolls drives across the tracks and drives to a train shed.† Curtis & Keel are waiting in a locomotive cab

CHRIS:† Here comes Daddy

SAM:† Right on time.† How long do we give them

CHRIS:† Iíd say one minute from right now. (putting the train in gear)

Inside the warehouse a girl is standing by a car gagged and with hands tied.† The man from the Rolls (Carlsson) walks in carrying a case.† He smiles when he sees the girl.† Two men get out of the car and open the back door for the Boss to get out.

MAFIA MAN:† Put down the case

CARLSON:† Let her go

MAFIA MAN:† Do it.† Now kick it over.

Carlson does.† Henchman checks the contents of the case and nods to his boss.

CARLSON:† Itís all there.† Let her go.

MAFIA MAN:† Let her go?

CARLSON:† Iíve done what you said.† Now let her go.

MAFIA MAN:† Do we look that stupid?† Do you really think weíre going to take any witnesses?† (raises gun)

All look round as locomotive bursts through the doors of the warehouse.† Curtis & Keel are firing.† Chris hits Boss in the arm, Sam jumps from train to tackle one henchman followed by Chris who takes out the other.† They walk over to Carlson who is untying the girl, Chris picking up the case on the way.

CHRIS:† You alright Mr. Carlson? Yes?

Carlson nods.† A car drives in and two men leap out.

FBI AGENT 1:† FBI† Drop your weapons now.† Put your hands above your heads now!.

Curtis & Keel just look at them.

CHRIS:† You guys are a little late, arenít you?

FBI AGENT 2:† What?

SAM:† You missed all the fun.

FBI AGENT 1:† Who the hell are you?

SAM:† Sam Curtis, CI5

CHRIS:† Chris Keel.† (throws them the case)† Have a nice day!

SAM:† Youíre in safe hands now, Mr. Carson.

FBI AGENT 1:† Hey, where the hell do you think youíre going?

FBI AGENT 2:† CI5?† Who are CI5?

FBI AGENT 1:† Theyíre the best.

Outside in rail yard

SAM (into phone):† Yes, 3-7.† Patch me through to Malone.


BACKUP: Where have you guys been?† Maloneís spitting nails here.

Outside in rail yard

SAM (handing phone to Chris):† Itís Backup.† She wants to know where weíve been.

CHRIS (into phone):† On the beach!


BACKUP:† Well, hurry it up and catch the next plane home.† Heís giving your case to the FBI.

CHRIS (over phone line):† No kidding?

BACKUP:† I gotta go.† See you when you get back.

Outside in rail yard

SAM:† Airport?

CHRIS:† Airport.† I swear, Maloneís telepathic.

CI5 HQ Ė Maloneís Office

MALONE (to vidscreen):† With all due respect Minister I can hardly be expected to understand your concerns if you donít tell me what they are.

MINISTER:† Mr. Malone.† CI5 is an important part of Western security, thatís not in question.† But there are things you should know and things you donít need to know.† No government can share itís every thought with you.

MALONE:† I do understand that, Minister.

MINISTER:† Let me finish.† Your latest operation - this man you pulled from the Balkans.† We and several other nations are most concerned.† Weíre in the middle of very delicate discussions which could affect certain factions in that area.† Germany and France are involved, as is the United States.† So please, tread carefully.

MALONE:† I will try to keep that in mind, Minister Ė at the same time as I am trying to keep my man alive.† (cuts connection)

BACKUP (coming into office):† Sir?† Curtis & Keel are coming home.† Next flight out.

MALONE:† Good, good.

In Perryís hospital room

Malone briefs Curtis & Keel.

MALONE:† Youíre the babysitters.† Spencer, Miss Backus take over at midnight.† Round the clock protection

CHRIS:† Are we expecting company, sir.

MALONE:† These people are in the nuclear weapon business, Mr. Keel.† They have a very long reach.† I have an induction in half an hour.† Stay in touch.

SAM:† Sir.

Malone leaves.† Sam closes door and sits down at CCTV screens

CHRIS (looking at Perry):† When he recovers do you think heíll be talking with one of those voicebox gizmoís?

SAM:† If he recovers.† They almost didnít get him out.

CHRIS:† Yeah, I know.† Couple of weeks ago we went out on the town together.† Ended up in this karaoke joint.† He has a pretty good voice.

SAM:† Hey, Keel.† First rule Ė donít get emotionally involved.† Alright?† Do you remember your induction?

CHRIS:† Could hardly forget it. (imitating Malone)† Make sure this sceptered isle stays clean.

CI5 Training Ground

MALONE (to new recruits): Make sure this sceptered isle stays clean and smelling, if ever so faintly, of roses.† I didnít say that, George Cowley did Ė the man who founded CI5.† Not that itís just this sceptered isle any more, itís the whole world.† Nothing happens in New York or Nagasaki, Peking or St. Petersburg which doesnít have repercussions which is why we have agents in all† of these places.† Like the crime we fight we are now international.† Make no mistake about it, this world is a dangerous place.† We train you hard Ė very hard.†

Camouflaged men erupt from the undergrowth and tackle the recruits.† One attacks Malone with a knife Ė he disarms him and forces him to the ground.

MALONE:† 6 months by now no one will ever be able to do this to you again.† Welcome to CI5.

Outside hospital.

Friella looks up at the building and then back into the car where a man dressed as a doctor hides a gun under some charts.

FRIELLA:† West wing, top floor.† And Ilya Ė no mistakes.

STACEY:† There wonít be.

In Perryís room in front of the CCTV screens.

SAM:† Ever wondered why Malone paired us off Ė the Brit and the Yank?

CHRIS:† Payback for the Boston teaparty

SAM:† You all gung-ho and old glory, Mr. Top Gun Ė me cool, reliable

CHRIS:† You complaining, Curtis?

SAM:† You rush in while I think it through Ė no, Iím not complaining.† I like the odds.

CHRIS:† Odds?

SAM:† If one of us ends up in a body bag itís bound to be you.

CHRIS (sceptically):† Really?

Perry wakes up

CHRIS:† Tom, Tom itís me.† Chris Keel.

Perry reaches towards table.

SAM (getting some water):† He wants this.

CHRIS:† No, youíll drown him, get the nurse.

Sam presses nurse call button.† Perry still gestures.† Sam picks up notepad from table.

SAM:† No this is what he wants.† You want this, Tom?† Is this right?† Yeah.† (to Chris)† Pen, pen. Come on.† Take it easy, take it easy.

Perry draws on pad.

CHRIS:† We canít make it out, Tom, what is it?

Perry draws more.† Curtis & Keel watch.

Stacey and Ilya (the man dressed as doctor) come up the escalator in the hospital lobby.

Perryís Room

SAM (to Perry):† Alright, take it easy.†

CHRIS:† What is that, a truck?

SAM (to Perry):† Calm down, calm down, alright.† (to Chris)† His throats bleeding.

CHRIS:† Where the hellís the nurse.

The nurse comes along the corridor, passing Stacey and Ilya †hiding in a doorway.† The Ilya heads up the corridor.

CHRIS (opening door for nurse):† He canít breathe.

NURSE:† Call the switchboard, crash team.† Tell them to page Dr. West.

CHRIS (catching sight of a doctor on the CCTV screen):† Itís OK, the doctorís here.

Opens the door, just as Ilya draws his machine pistol.† Chris slams the door.

CHRIS:† Down!

Bullets rip through door.† Sam pushes nurse to the ground and fires back through the door.

SAM (into phone):† 3-7 to HQ.† Weíre under attack, automatic weapon, hospital, top floor.

Curtis & Keel move against the wall either side of the door.

CHRIS:† Heís on the left.

SAM:† Itís your turn.

CHRIS:† Mine?† What about the Turk?

SAM:† He wasnít armed.

CHRIS:† What about that 3ft machete? (Sam raises his eyes heavenward) Youíre right, itís my turn.

Chris picks up a chair, Sam opens the door and Chris throws the chair out, following it in a roll that takes him behind the counter on the other side of the corridor.† Shoots the bad guy from cover.† Sam spots Ilya standing behind Chris as Chris stands and turns, raising his gun.

CHRIS:† Freeze!

SAM:† Mine!† (and rushing past Chris starts chasing him)

CHRIS:† See you in hell! (and heads off in the other direction).

Nurse tries to revive Perry.† Sam chases Stacey through hospital and down escalator.† Stacey gets into the waiting car and Friella drives off.† Sam rushes out in front of the car and jumps onto the bonnet to avoid getting knocked over.† Points gun at Friella through the windscreen, but she brakes hard and Sam falls off the bonnet into the road.† Friella reverses a bit then drives off.† Chris pulls up in their car and Sam jumps in.

SAM:† Go!

HQ Control Room

CHRIS (on phone to Backup):† 4-5 to HQ, in pursuit, navy Merc,† Pappa 554 Foxtrot Juliet Bravo.† Heading east on Minster road.

SPENCER (to Malone):† Corrigan and Mills are on their way, sir but theyíre a good two miles away.

MALONE:† I have a personal interest in this one.† Weíll need backup

BACKUP:† Here, sir.

Malone and Spence turn to look at her.

Out on the road, in a parked car.

SUPERINTENDENT (listening to police radio):† Shooting, All Saints hospital.†

SERGEANT:† All Saintís

SUPERINTENDENT:† Thatís where theyíre keeping that CI5 man.† Get there, now.

In their car,† chasing the Merc

CHRIS (into phone):† 4-5, I think we got Ďem

SAM (opening window and leaning out):† Give me one clear shot, OK?

Unmarked police car comes out of a side road fast and hits another car blocking the road.† Chris screeches to a halt sideways across the road.† They both jump out and chase Merc to the corner, but canít get off a shot.† They run back to crashed car.

SAM (opening passenger door):† You OK?


CHRIS (opening driverís door):† What the hell are you doing?† Are you drunk or just stupid?† (driver reaches in his pocket, Chris raises his gun)† Keep your hands where I can see them!† Both of you!† Out of the car, slow.

SUPERINTENDENT:† Who the hell do you think youíre talking to

CHRIS (working action on his gun and re-aiming it):† OUT!!

MALONE (arriving with Backup):† Mr. Keel!

In Superintendentís office

SAM:† We were this close

CHRIS:† Then these two get in the way like theyíre running interference.

MALONE:† Is that true, Superintendent Leonard?

SUPERINTENDENT:† I donít know what your game is, Malone, butÖ.

MALONE:† Trying to catch terrorists, thatís what my game is.† And I thank you to keep your bloody nose out of my business.† Good day.

CHRIS (handing a handkerchief to the Sergeant):† For your bloody nose.

CI5 HQ Ė looking at an enlargement of Perryís scribbles.

MALONE:† A truck, you say?† By the way, the man you shot in the hospital wasnít wearing a protective vest.

BACKUP:† So he was a kamikaze?

MALONE:† Which tells us a lot.† It tells us he had a cause he that was willing to die for.† A truck?

SAM:† Well we still think itís a truck sir

CHRIS:† Maybe with a bomb on board.

MALONE:† Does this look like a bird to you?

SPENCER (joining them): Sir, checked the plates.† The car was rented, delivered to the Rosemount Hotel this morning to a Ms F Smith.

SAM:† It was a woman driving the Merc sir, a looker about 35, slim, dark hair, brown eyes, good teeth, expensive clothes.

CHRIS:† Sense of humour?

SAM:† We werenít formally introduced.

MALONE:† When you two have quite finished perhaps you would care to go and check out the hotel.

Curtis & Keel leave with Backup.

Hotel Lobby

SAM (returning from desk to where Chris is pacing the carpet):† Chris, she checked out before noon, she paid cash not credit card and her roomís as clean as a whistle.

CHRIS:† She make any calls?

SAM:† Yeah, just one, to a hairdressers in Brixton.

BACKUP (arriving from across lobby):† Guys, I found the car. Itís in the lot downstairs.

Parking garage.†

Chris runs ahead to the car, opens the door and starts to get in.

BACKUP:† Chris hold it, it could be trapped

SAM:† Trapped?

BACKUP:† Well, think about it. Left here, unlocked for us to find.† Why not set a bomb?

CHRIS (shaking head and continuing to climb into car):† Theyíre not that good.

BACKUP:† Well, letís not find out the hard way.† It could be a trembler, it could be a mercury switch, (looking down at Chris hovering inches above the seat) it could be a pressure pad under the seat.† The next move you make could blow us all sky high.† (turns away and pulls out her phone).

CHRIS:† Who are you calling?

BACKUP:† Get me Malone.† Sir, weíve got a situation here.† Weíve found our car, but we think it may be trapped.


MALONE (to Spencer):† Give me a picture

Spencer turns on monitor in Control Room.†

Parking Garage

Backup turns phone to visual and points it at the car.† Sam moves to grasp Chrisís arm and help him balance without sitting down.


MALONE (to Spencer):† Rosemount Hotel, how long for the bomb squad to get there?

SPENCER:† 15, 20 minutes

MALONE (into phone):† Miss Backus, now listen very carefully.† If itís a pressure switch it† could be triggered by the suspension so any movement could disturb it.† Give me a picture of the underside of the vehicle.

Parking Garage

Backup does.† Sam is still holding Chris off the seat.† Chris is breathing heavily.† They hear a clock start ticking.

SAM:† Backup, thereís a timer.† We can hear it running.

CHRIS:† Listen, both of you, get out of here now.

SAM:† Oi, shut up.† Iím trying to locate the timer.

Backup finds explosive under the car.

MALONE:† Follow the wires up to the detonator, probably under the seat.

Despite Samís support, Chris slips and sits down.† They look at each other.

SAM:† Well, at least we now know itís not a trembler.† The timer is definitely under the seat.

BACKUP:† OK, grab my belt.† Easy.†

Sam lowers Backup head first between Chrisís legs into the footwell of the car, so she can see under the seat.

CHRIS:† Hey, Backup.† You know somehow I thought it would be different when we finally got together.

BACKUP:† Get over it, Chris.† Found the timer and the detonator.† Give me something to cut with.

Sam hands her some scissors (Swiss army knife?)

MALONE (to Spencer):† Found the detonator.

BACKUP:† OK, there are four wires.

SAM:† As I remember itís usually the one that comesÖ.

CHRIS:† Sam, she knows what sheís doing.

BACKUP:† Chris, what colour is your underwear?

CHRIS:† Right now, white.

BACKUP:† OK, Iíll cut the white one first then.

MALONE:† Cutting the wire.

Backup cuts the four wires in turn.† The timer stops.

BACKUP:† Perfect.† Clear.

Sam hauls her up.† Chris gets out and takes the timer from her.† All four wires are white.

Back at HQ

MALONE:† All done.† Right, well, Bring them home.


Parking Garage

Backup slumps between them, seemingly about to pass out.† The boys catch her, but sheís only faking.† They laugh.

BACKUP:† Letís get ourselves a drink, boys.

In Maloneís office.

SAM:† Backup did a great job sir.

MALONE:† Well, what did you expect?

SPENCER (coming into office):† Forensics found this in the car, sir, down behind the seat (handing over plastic envelope with business card)

MALONE (reading):† Lyleís Catering

SPENCER:† And this in the footwell.† Looks like someoneís been playing jacks.

MALONE:† No itís popcorn.† Sort of shrapnel that the IRA sometimes use in their bombs.

CHRIS:† May I? (takes plastic envelope from Malone and studies the contents)

MALONE:† Right, I want you to check these people out. (handing plastic envelope with business card in to Sam) †Oh and by the way, she wasnít the only one who did a good job.† Thank you.

Curtis & Keel leave.

SPENCER:† Can I ask a question, sir?

MALONE:† Fire away.

SPENCER:† Why do they call Backup Backup?

MALONE:† Well, whatís her real name?


Malone makes a Ďcarry oní gesture with hand

SPENCER:† Tina Backus (understanding dawns)

MALONE:† Right. (hands him the Lyleís business card) Get that copied, will you.† Enlarged.

Outside Lyleís Catering

The boys pull up outside.† A man looking very like the bomber in Bulgaria walks past them into the yard.† Superintendent Leonard is walking towards them with Mr. Lyle

LYLE:† So now that youíre satisfied with everything it should all work out very well.

SUPERINTENDENT:† Yes, Iím very satisfied.

Curtis & Keel walk into yard

LYLE:† Yes, gentlemen?† How may I help you?

SUPERINTENDENT:† Itís alright Mr. Lyle.† I know these gentlemen.† What the hell are you doing here?

CHRIS:† We could ask you the same thing, Superintendent.

SUPERINTENDENT:† Itís none of your damn business, but Iíll tell you anyway.† These people handle the catering for some very important occasions so all the staff have to be screened.† Which is where we come in.† Satisfied?

SAM:† Got something big coming up, have we, Superintendent?

SUPERINTENDENT:† Even if we have, you wouldnít be on the need to know list, would you Mr. Curtis. Now please leave.† Unless you want to be arrested for hindering a police officer in the execution of his duty?

Chris smiles wryly and turns away followed by Sam.

On a shooting range somewhere.†

A man fires at a target then hands the gun to Malone.† Malone fires too, closer to the bullseye.

FRANK:† Oooh!.† (hands over a banknote)

MALONE:† Thank you.† So, Frank, how are things at the CIA?

FRANK:† Get to the point Harry, you never did know how to schmooze.

Malone hands over a copy of Perryís drawing.

FRANK:† Do we share art appreciation now.

MALONE:† Is there something big going on, something I donít know about?

FRANK:† You heard the Director, Harry.† Free exchange of information.† No secrets any more.

MALONE:† Thatíll be the day.

FRANK:† So what is this?

MALONE:† I lost a man.† A good man.† He was on to something.† Bulgaria as a matter of fact.† He tried to tell me with that.

FRANK:† Well, there is a rumour

MALONE:† What rumour

FRANK:† Itís unconfirmed and my source could be blowing smoke, but word is thereís a bang man in town.

MALONE:† Bomber

FRANK:† Like I said, itís a rumour.,† No name, or nationality.† Just a bang man, síall I know.† So whatís with the table.

MALONE:† Table?

FRANK:† Well, thatís what it is, isnít it?† A birdís eye view of a table with chairs all around it.† And that thereís a bird, isnít it? An eagle?

Ministerís Office

MALONE:† Good day, Minister.

MINISTER:† I have only a few minutes, Malone.

MALONE:† Ah, well Iíll come to the point.† Is there a conference coming up, something top secret, lot of very important persons sitting at a long table, you know the sort of thing?

MINISTER:† Why do you ask?

MALONE:† Something weíre working on.

MINISTER:† Well, donít you get an weekly intinerary of important events?

MALONE:† Yes, indeed, but thereís nothing that matches up with this.

MINISTER:† Then Iím afraid I canít help you.

MALONE:† Ah.† Well, thank you for your time.

MINISTER:† Malone.† Iíd help you if I could.† You know that donít you?

MALONE:† I hope so, Minister.† I sincerely hope so.

Chrisís Flat

SAM:† God, Chris, youíre a slob.

CHRIS:† My housekeeper died.

SAM:† Pigís live better than this.

CHRIS:† Yeah well, in some peopleís eyes I am a pig.† You know, cop, pig and all that.

SAM:† Weíre not cops.

CHRIS:† Sometimes Iím not sure what we are any more.† Cops, Clean-up men?† Legalised thugs?

SAM:† Try bastions of freedom and justice.

CHRIS:† Yeah, well you might be a bit of a bastion, but me, I gotta get some shut eye.† Just an hour.

Chris walks through to his bedroom and takes his jacket off.

SAM (picking up empty beer bottle):† Do you have any wine?

CHRIS:† Wine?

SAM:† Yeah, the libation of Dionysus, the nectar of the Gods.

CHRIS:† There may be a beer in the fridge.

Chris takes gun out of holster, puts safety on and puts under the pillow.

Conference Room

MINISTER:† But why wasnít Malone told?

SUPERINTENDENT:† Iíve already explained, Minister.† The fewer people who know about this conference the better the security.

MINISTER:† Superintendent, if we reach agreement here today, a lot of very dangerous people will be put out of business and they wonít like it.

SUPERINTENDENT:† Special Branchís job is to protect this conference, Minister, and nothing is going to go wrong, I promise you.

MINISTER:† I hope so, Superintendent.† I sincerely hope so.

Chrisís Flat

Sam opens a beer and walks through the living room.† Great view of a cemetery from the windows.

SAM:† Hey, nice view, Chris

CHRIS (from bedroom):† Thanks

SAM:† Much noise from the neighbours?

Sam picks up a CD from the top of the stereo and knocks over an empty pizza box and some other stuff.

CHRIS (from his bed):† Sam, arenít you tired.† Weíve been up all night.

SAM:† Pace yourself, learn to relax

CHRIS:† Like you?

SAM:† Yeah, Like me

Chris lies down again and closes his eyes.† Sam picks up the fallen items, then spots a photo of Chris in uniform with a blonde girl.

SAM:† Hey, whoís the girl?† Now if this is your sister and youíve been keeping her from meÖ.

CHRIS:† Sheís not my sister.

SAM (picking up the photo and taking it into the bedroom):† Ah, the prom queen, eh?† The first and most dynamic love of your life.

CHRIS (taking the photo from Sam and putting it down beside the bed Ė thereís another photo of just Chris and the girl on the bedside table):† Yeah, thatís right.† She was my wife

SAM (looking gob-smacked):Your wife?† I didnít know you were married.

CHRIS: Thereís a lot of things you donít know about me, Curtis.† Lot of things I donít know about you.† Now, shut up and let me get some sleep, will you.

SAM:† My lifeís an open book.

CHRIS:† Yeah, well, letís read that one another day, shall we? (settles back down in the bed).

Sam goes back into the living room.† Turns on stereo Ė loud!† Itís a classical piece.† Chris opens eyes and rises onto one elbow, looking in exasperation.† Sam turns the sound down and comes sheepishly into the bedroom doorway.

SAM:† Well, I guess youíre not all slob.

CHRIS (smiling and lying down again):† Goodnight.

The music continues through the dream sequence.† Chris in uniform cutting a wedding cake with the girl in the photo (Teresa).† She hugs an older couple (her parents?) †then Chris kisses her.† As they turn to the waiting crowd a machine gun opens up and she is shot.† Chris holds her head in his hands trying to wake her, yelling ďNOĒ.† Wakes sweating, with Sam sitting on the bed, a hand on his shoulder as if to restrain or comfort him.

SAM:† Hey, you alright?

Chris turns bedside light on, breathing heavily.

CHRIS:† Dreaming.

SAM:† That wasnít dreaming.† That was punishment.

CHRIS:† What time is it?

SAM:† Itís late.† You wanted one hour Ė I gave you three.† You alright?

CHRIS:† Yeah.

SAM:† You want to talk about it?

CHRIS:† No, I donít.

SAM:† Maybe I can help.

CHRIS:† With what?† Bringing back the dead?

Sam looks awkward.

CHRIS:† Sorry.

SAM:† Iíve been thinking.† This womanís got expensive tastes. She books herself into a ritzy hotel Ö (Chrisís mind is obviously still on other things)† Chris!† (Chris focusses on Sam)† . She books herself into a ritzy hotel right in the middle of town then calls her hairdresser in the suburbs?

CHRIS:† Maybe itís the in place.

SAM:† Yeah, and maybe it isnít.† You want to check it out?

CHRIS:† Letís go.

The Brixton hairdressers

Sam uses the door-opening gizmo on the door and lets them in.

CHRIS:† Oh, this place looks really suspicious. †(Sits in one of the seats under a drier, and lisps)† Iíd like one of those curly bubble cuts please.

SAM:† You know, we used to have an agent like that.

CHRIS:† Youíre kidding me.

SAM:† No, really, I saw a photo.

CHRIS:† Sam, this place is beat right.

SAM:† Right.† But why did she call here?† Sheís† classy, sheís rich.† What does she want with a place like this?

Chris spots something on the floor and picks it up Ė a piece of Ďpopcorní.

CHRIS:† Bingo!

SAM:† Popcorn.

They start emptying boxes and checking cans.† Sam carries a box from the store room, puts it down near Chris

SAM:† Yo, Chris.† (empties something from the false bottom of one of the can)† Thereís enough Semtex here to blow up half of London.

Chris fishes out his phone.

CHRIS:† 4-5 to HQ.† Get Malone.


MALONE:† I want this place put back exactly as it was.† All traces of us removed.† Now.

SAM: †We made a hell of a noise, sir, and the lights were on. Anybody could have seen us.

MALONE:† Thatís just a chance weíll have to take, isnít it

CHRIS:† Why donít we just round up everyone who works here, interrogate them?

MALONE:† Because the people we are up against are fanatics.† Theyíd never talk.† Our only chance is to find their target before they do.† Then we round them up.


MALONE:† Anything to do with a bird, eagle possibly.† And I want to know every location thatís ever been used for a high powered conference.

BACKUP:† Going back to when?

MALONE:† Cromwell.

Curtis & Keel arrive.

KEEL:† Daisyís out back, sir.† Everyoneís ready.

MALONE:† All dressed up and no place to go.† We donít know when and we donít know where.

Lyleís Catering.

Lyle reviews his staff lined up.

LYLE:† Excellent.† Lead on, please, Faud.

The staff climb onto a minibus and it drives out of the yard.† Friella and Stacey are sitting in a car outside.† They follow.

CI5 HQ Ė Maloneís office

BACKUP:† There are 19 venues used for official occasions within the city, and 42 within a 30 mile radius.

CHRIS:† Needle in a haystack.

SAM:† And no match on the fingerprints in the hairdressers either, sir.

Malone picks up the phone.

Ministers Office

BURMAN:† Your carís here, Minister.

MINISTER:† Thank you, Burman

As she leaves the office her phone rings.† She looks back then nods to Burman who picks it up.

BURMAN:† Hello, Chief Secretary speaking.

MALONE:† Good morning, Harold Malone,, CI5.† I need to speak with the Minister straight away.

BURMAN:† Iím afraid sheís just left.

MALONE:† Whereís she gone?

BURMAN:† Iím not at liberty to say, sir

MALONE:† Then put me through to her car.

BURMAN:† I canít do that either.† Thereís a security notice, level 5.

MALONE:† Why the hell wasnít I told that.

BURMAN:† Mr. MaloneÖ..

MALONE:† Alright.† If you canít tell me where sheís gone, at least you can tell me the kind of business in which she is involved in today.

BURMAN:† WellÖ. Itís an official lunch meeting.

MALONE:† Lunch meeting.† Thank you.† (puts down the phone)† Well, at least we know when.

KEEL:† Sir, when we checked out that caterer, the one on the business card? †Superintendent Leonard was there.

MALONE:† And you didnít you tell me that?

SAM:† It didnít seem relevant at the time, sir.

MALONE:† I will decide whatís relevant, dammit!!† (Boys leap to attention!)

The Conference Venue

Faud pushes the coffee trolley down the corridor.


His man checks the trolley and the coffee put, but not the hot plate.†


Special Branch HQ

SERGEANT:† Special Branch, Rogers.

MALONE:† Malone here

SERGEANT:† Hello, Mr. Malone.

MALONE:† Is Superintendent Leonard there?

SERGEANT:† No, heís on a special assignment

MALONE:† Ah yes, the official lunch meeting, right.

SERGENT:† Iím not authorised to know, sir

MALONE:† Well perhaps youíd like to tell him from me his assignment has been compromised.

SERGEANT:† Compromised.† I donít understand.

MALONE:† Youíre not expected to understand.† You are expected to tell him.† And donít use an open line.† This is for his ears only.† Have you got that?† (puts down phone.† Backup smiles.)

Outside Special Branch HQ

Sergeant Rogers runs out and jumps in to his car and drives away fast.† Followed by the boys' black Honda.

Maloneís office

BACKUP (answering phone):† Yes?

SAM:† Hi Backup, put me through to Malone.† (Malone takes the phone)† It worked, sir, the rabbitís out of his hole.

MALONE:† Right, stay with him. (to Backup) Time for Daisy.

Gets coat and leaves with Backup

In Daisy

Backup is working a laptop.

SAM (over comms system): I think heís heading for Gatwick

MALONE:† Gatwick area.† Large estates.† Country houses.

BACKUP:† There are hundreds.† The whole area is littered with grand houses.

MALONE:† Well put each one of them up.† And look for one with an eagle in the name, or coat of arms or anything of the kind.

The Meeting Room

Minister shows her guests in.

MINISTER:† Ambassador, would you sit there on my right.† And general on my left.† I hope you had a pleasant journey, Secretary of State.

On the road

The Sergeantís car turns off at a junction.† The Honda arrives too late to see which way he went.† They pull up at the junction and Chris gets out his phone.† Dials Malone, then thinks again and hands it to Sam.

CHRIS:† You tell him.

(Conversation cuts from Malone in Daisy to Sam/Chris in the car)

SAM:† I think we lost him

MALONE:† You think, or you did.

SAM:† We did, sir.† There are three possible exits.

MALONE:† Whatís your reference?

SAM:† B42 H21

MALONE:† Right, weíve got you on GPS.† Now try all the exits.

The boys pull away.

In the Meeting Room

MINISTER:† And thatís why weíre here.† To make sure that nuclear weapons never find their way onto the black market.† Itís our job to ensure that these terrible weapons of mass-destruction can never fall into the hands of terrorists, criminals or zealots of any description.

SEC OF STATE:† The United States proposals have been circulated to everyone here, I believe, Minister?

MINISTER:† Yes.† And those of Japan, Germany and France.

Outside the meeting room

SUPERINTENDENT:† Compromised?† And you came all this way to tell me this in† person?† Whatís wrong with the telephone?

SERGEANT:† We hack into their communications, they hack into ours.† I thought this was the safest way.

SUPERINTENDENT:† And thatís all Malone said? Compromised?† No explanation, no classification code?† What is he playing at?

Faud, the fake waiter, standing with the coffee trolley waiting to be called into the room, overhears the conversation and looks afraid.

In Daisy

BACKUP:† Got it.† Wolston House.† A banqueting room containing a chair presented by President Roosevelt, superbly carved in the shape of an American eagle.

MALONE:† Eagle.† (to the comms system) Did you get that?† Wolston House.† (to Backup)† Give them the reference.†

BACKUP:† D42 K13

CHRIS (over the comms system):† Weíre on our way

On the road, the boyís car executes a swift 180 degree turn, tyres squealing and heads back the way they had come.

In Daisy

MALONE:† Find some high ground overlooking the house.† Never known a bomber yet who didnít like to watch their own handwork.

BACKUP:† Yes, sir.

By a fallen tree, overlooking the house

Friella and Stacey lean against the tree..

STACEY:† There.† Behind the trees.†

Friella views the house through binoculars.

In the Meeting Room

MINISTER:† So, thatís our agenda.† To crack down on all sales of nuclear materials to illicit purchasers, whoever they may be.† Now, before we begin in earnest, perhaps some of you would like some coffee.

By the fallen tree.

Malone, Backup and Spencer arrive.

MALONE:† Good afternoon.

The pair try to run.† Spencer takes Stacey and Backup brings down Friella.

In the Meeting Room

Security man hold open the door for Faud to bring in the trolley.† Faud rubs his white-gloved fingers together nervously and reaches for the coffee pot.

Outside the meeting room.

Curtis & Keel rush in, pushing past the Special Branch men, and leaving the Sergeant clutching his nose again.† They burst into the meeting room.† Faud turns the trolley so itís between him and the boys, raising the coffee pot in his hand.† The meeting delegates look worried.† The boys spot the knob in the centre of the hot plate starting to rise, look at each other then both shout ĎDown!í as they grab the trolley handles and push it towards the French windows, picking up Faud as they go. †The delegates dive under the table. As the trolley goes through the windows they duck to each side.† The bomb goes off as the trolley goes into the garden.† The delegates climb to their feet.† Sam peers round the shattered window frame.

On the hill overlooking the house, Malone, Backup and Spencer with their prisoners look towards the house as the bomb goes off.† The prisoners smile at each other in satisfaction.† The others look worried

MALONE:† Move them out.

Maloneís phone rings.

In the shattered French windows

CHRIS (into his phone):† 4-5 to Malone.† We had a problem, sir.† See, it was the coffee.

SAM (into Chrisís phone):† We didnít like the service, sir.

CHRIS:† So we fired the waiterÖÖbut everyone else is safe.

Up on the hill, Malone smiles.


Malone comes out of office where everyone is gathered chatting.

MALONE:† Havenít you any homes to go to.. Go on, go and get some rest, ready for the next time.† Oh, and thank you Ė very well done.

Goes back into his office.† Backup enters with a file.

MALONE:† That includes you.

BACKUP:† You asked to see the inactive file before we put it on disc.

MALONE:† Oh, so I did, yes, thank you. (takes file) Thank you.† goodnight.

Looks through a few pages, then comes across Cowleyís file (marked George Cowley, Founder, CI5).† Takes out the photo and pins it to his noticeboard.† Steps back and salutes.

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