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Following an incident in which a CI5 agent is seriously injured in the line of duty, CI5 have to figure out what he knows in time to avert a potentially explosive situation.

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Key Players

Tom Perry (name could be wrong, operative only heard it once) - CI5 agent in Bulgaria, dies whilst trying to pass on information about the bomb

Super Intendent Leonard of Special Branch - Tries to block Malone at every turn because of ego clashes between CI5 and Special Branch

Rogers - Leonard's side kick

The Minister - government minister in charge of the negotiations that no one will tell CI5 about.


Sofia, Bulgaria:

An agent runs for cover, avoiding guards at a secret installation. He stops by a small bunker window and looks in. Below him is a table surrounded by dummies on chairs, the most significant of which sits on a chair with an eagle crest. A man removes a coffee pot from a stand, leaves the room and a bomb explodes.

The agent is discovered and has to make a run for it. Malone comes in by helicopter and pulls his man out, but not before Tom Perry is severely injured, shot in the throat.

At CI5 headquarters Malone instructs Backup to find Curtis and Keel, he wants them on the Bulgaria case

Los Angeles, CA

We see Curtis and Keel for the first time, having a conversation outside what appears to be a large warehouse. There is a ransom drop-off going down in the warehouse, where Mr Carson is paying the villains for the safe return of his daughter. The bad guys are not about to play by the rules, however, and as soon as they have the money they go to shoot Carson and his daughter. Curtis and Keel ride to the rescue on a tram, completely trashing the front of the building. The FBI turn up after Keel and Curtis have wrapped everything up and they hand over to them. We get a brief introduction to CI5 thanks to a knowledgeable FBI agent. ('Who are CI5?' asks one agent. 'They're the best,' replies his partner.)

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Malone is on the video link with the Minister. He wants to know if there is anything significant happening because of what he has seen in Bulgaria. The Minister is somewhat unhelpful. Backup announces that she’s found Curtis and Keel and that they are on their way back to London.

Keel and Curtis are on bodyguard duty. They are at the hospital and it is their job to keep Tom alive. They discuss general CI5 things and then there is a flash back to the CI5 induction. Malone is giving a speech to the new recruits, after which operatives leap out at the unsuspecting group and flatten them all. Malone tells them that soon no one will ever be able to do that to them again, as he deals with the unfortunate individual who drew the short straw of going for him.

Outside the hospital there are two men and a woman in a car. They are there to make sure Perry can never talk about what he saw in Bulgaria. One of the men is an assassin; the other two are the ringleaders.

Inside the hospital Tom wakes up and tries to pass on his information. Since he can't talk thanks to his injuries, he draws a picture of the table, the eagle, and the bomb, but neither Curtis nor Keel can tell what it is. Tom starts bleeding and a doctor has to be called.

Opening the door to track down the doctor Chris comes up against the assassin. Curtis and Keel shut the door rapidly and then try and figure out what to do. Their only option is to go after the bad guy and they have a discussion as to who’s turn it is to go first.

Sam: It’s your turn.

Chris: What about the Turk?

Sam: He wasn’t armed.

Chris: What do you call the three-foot machete?

However, Chris agrees it is his turn and goes first. They go after their target with the words "I’ll see you in hell."

The chase ends up outside where Sam jumps on the car of the bad guys, but is thrown off. Thus ensues the first car chase. CI5 might have got their man but Special Branch manage to get in the way. There is obviously hostility between the two organisations. Chris all but drags one of he officers out of their car and is only stopped from exploding by the arrival of Malone.

In Special branches offices Malone wants to know what the hell’s going on. He doesn’t get much joy, but warns the other organisation to stay out of CI5’s way. They leave with Chris making a smart remark and handing Rogers a hankie for his bloody nose. Super Intendent Leonard is not a happy man.

Back at CI5 HQ they discuss the picture. Curtis and Keel think it’s an exploding truck.

CI5 have traced the car to a woman staying at one of the large hotels. Chris, Sam and Backup head down there to see if they can head her off. She’s checked out, but the car she used is still in the car park. All three head down there and Chris immediately leaps in with both feet, at which point Backup points out it’s probably booby trapped. Sam helps Chris not to sit down while Backup calls the office. There is a bomb, and they have no idea how it will be set off. Backup investigates the suspension while Sam tried to prevent Chris from setting the bomb off. Eventually Chris breaks and sits down; it’s not a trembler. However, a timer can be heard ticking. Sam holds Backup’s belt so she can look under the seat where she finds the bomb. She asks Chris what colour underwear he’s wearing; he says white so she says she’ll cut the white wire first. Of course Backup is successful, but when she brings out the timer all the wires are white.

At CI5 HQ they have two clues. A piece of shrapnel called popcorn, habitually used in bombs, and a business card for Lyle’s Catering. Curtis and Keel are sent to check out the caterers.

At the caterers CI5 run into Special Branch again. They are told to leave or be charged with hindering the police. The caterers to top security events and Special Branch are checking out the staff.

Malone is at a shooting range with an old CIA friend, Frank. The only thing Frank can tell Malone is that there is a bang man in town, a bomber. Frank has no more idea what’s going on that Malone does. Harry shows Frank the picture and he recognises it for what it is, a table.

Malone talks to the Minister again, but she says she cannot help him. CI5 is not privy to all matters and if he does not already know he is not supposed to know. She tells him she would give him the information if she could.

Sam and Chris have gone back to Chris’ apartment. It’s a complete tip and Sam accuses Chris of being a slob. He quips back that his housekeeper died. They talk and Chris wonders if they aren’t just hired thugs for the government, Sam would rather see them as "bastions of freedom and justice". Chris goes to get some sleep, putting his gun under his pillow as he does so.

The minister is having a meeting with the Super Intendent from Special Branch. She wants to know why Malone hasn’t been told about the meeting. He tells her it’s because the fewer people who know the tighter the security.

Back at Chris’ apartment Sam comments on the view of the cemetery from the window. He then finds the picture on Chris’ table and asks who the woman is. He is surprised to find out it's Chris’ wife. Sam didn’t know Chris had been married. He leaves Chris to go to sleep and them manages to put a CD on really loud. It’s a classical CD and when he manages to turn it off his comment if "Maybe not all slob."

Chris is dreaming. He’s getting married and everyone is happy. Then shots ring out and he is left holding the bloody body of his wife.

When he wakes up Sam is there. He asks if Chris wants to talk about it, but Keel doesn’t. Chris asked for one hour, Sam gave him three, and they decide to go after the hair salon lead. The woman made a call to a salon which was definitely not in an area in line with her image.

At the hairdressers we see the electronic lock pick for the first time as Chris uses it to break in. Chris sits in a chair and jokingly asks for a bubble cut. Sam says CI5 had an agent like that once, he saw a picture in the files. They search the salon and find more popcorn.

Back at the office they’re waiting for anything to go on. They know something is going to happen but they have no information.

The caterers are getting ready to leave and we see them climb into their van, bad guy in tow.

Malone rings the Minister but she has just left the office. Her secretary tells him she has a lunch appointment.

At the lunch the bad guy brings along the coffee pot bomb. He is checked out by special branch - they even check the coffee pot and find nothing.

Malone instigates a plan by calling Rogers and telling him that Special Branch’s operation has been compromised. Rogers goes running to Leonard with CI5 in hot pursuit.

They follow Rogers to the Gatwick area, Keel and Curtis on his tail, Backup and Malone in the van with the computers.

The conference guests are sitting down to begin.

Keel and Curtis loose Rogers at grid reference B42, H21

The conference is to set forth agreements to make sure nuclear weapons never end up in the wrong hands.

Using the computer Backup finds the house they are looking for: Wolston House, which has a chair donated by Roosevelt - complete with eagle crest. The house is at grid reference D32, K14.

Malone knows bombers like to watch their work and he's right - they are on high ground watching through binoculars.

The conference breaks for coffee and as Sam and Chris charge in the bomb is armed.

Backup and Spencer take out the terrorists on the hillside.

Chris and Sam push the bomb and bomber through the French windows where it explodes.

On the hill the terrorists think they’re won because the bomb went off. Only when Malone gets a phone call do they find out they have lost. Chris and Sam come out with some very corny lines about having to fire the help.

In the office the gang have a little celebration and Malone tells them to go home. As they leave Malone pulls a picture of Cowley from a file and pins it to his notice board before saluting to it.

Personal Insights

This mission is full of ground work, some of it a little too obvious to be smooth. From Spencer's question to Malone as to why Curtis and Keel call Tina Backup, to the conversation Sam and Chris have to establish their identities, much is a little forced. However there is plenty of action and nothing that will send a purist screaming into the night.

Plot Inconsistencies

These are a fanfiction writer's bugbears - those inconsistencies in plot which we feel we just have to address. Operational Control have not spotted any at this time. Please feel free to contact us with your own comments.

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