Summary: The vacation Sam and Chris attempted to take after the events in 'Orbit'.

Categories: Slash
Characters: Chris Keel, Sam Curtis
Genres: PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 2018; Completed: Yes
Updated: 25 Sep 2004; Published: 25 Sep 2004

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Author's Notes: *BIG* Thank yous to Clare for reading this story over introducing me to beta-ing and for being kind, supportive, generous, generally wonderful and suggesting I send it to the list. Princess who saw those plot bunnies heading my way and to Alyse and Clare (again *g*) for starting the slash dissection of "Orbit" which got me thinking. *Thank You* and a big thanks to everyone on the list for being so kind and supportive. *HUGS* Oh yeah, thank you Curtis and Keel, without whom my Sunday nights would be very boring and dull.


"Happy now?" Keel threw his and Curtis' flight bags onto the large four poster bed in the New Orleans hotel room.

"No." Curtis slumped down on the regency style sofa folding his arms with a pout. "We bloody missed it! I can't believe Malone kept us for THREE DAYS in debriefing."

"Hey.. we're here aren't we." Keel wrapped an arm tightly around his lover's shoulders. "Besides what does Mardi Gras matter?" He punctuated every word with a gentle kiss to Curtis' exposed

neck."We're here...Alone...Just" Keel threw his mobile phone into the small wicker rubbish basket. Curtis laughed.


"And?" Curtis tilted his head to one side allowing Keel wider coverage as the sensation of his partner's breath on his neck sent tingles

through every muscle in his body.

"Room service." Keel chuckled as he teased Curtis' right earlobe with the tip of his tongue.

"Mmmm." Curtis sank deeper into the sofa. "You order burgers and fries, you're FIRED!"

"Fired? Fired!" Keel withdrew slightly in a gesture of mock insult. "You can't 'fire' me..."

"I can't?" Cubits asked, half smiling.

"No. You can't." Keel laid a small kiss on Cubits' half parted lips, lazily stroking his tongue over his partner's tempting bottom lip.

"Who'd massage your massive 'ego' if you did?"

"I don't have a 'massive EGO!'." Curtis snapped.

"Then what's that then?" Keel grinned pointing to the expanding bulge in his partner's trousers.

"Yours." Curtis challenged.

"Why do I have to deal with EVERYTHING that comes-up?" Keel whined.

"Because you're so bloody good at it." Curtis unfolded his arms and ran his hand up the back of Keel's neck, guiding him towards his lips.

"What about me?" Keel asked hovering centimetres from Curtis' mouth. "I have a 'situation' of my own developing back here!"

"Want to negotiate?" Curtis smirked.

"I never negotiate..." Keel moved closer.

"Let me order room service." Curtis flashed a devilish smile.

"Ok..." Keel smirked "But make sure whatever it is comes with a large side-order of fries."

"Philistine!" Curtis joked.

"Hey, I'm star-ving." Keel brushed his lips against Curtis' "I'm so hungry I could eat a CI5 agent."

"That can be arranged." Curtis pulled Keel into a deep kiss.


Keel climbed over the back of the sofa, sliding off the end of the seat, dragging Curtis to the floor with him.

Curtis shrugged off his jacket and threw it back onto the sofa along with his shirt, pulling out of their embrace gasping for breath.

"Patience, patience." Curtis grinned unbuttoning Keel's linen shirt.

"Fuck 'patience'!" Keel yanked Curtis back down again, forcing his tongue into his partner's waiting mouth.

Curtis groaned as Keel's agile tongue brushed the lining of his mouth in short sweeps, covering ever inch with sensuous grace,

tasting every corner, every crevice as he let his hands explore under the coolness of Keel's clothes the hot, sweat moistened, flesh they covered. Keel moaned when Curtis ran an absent finger over his tightening nipples.

Curtis overbalanced crashing into the sofa legs, pulling Keel on top of him. Keel slipped his knee between Curtis' legs to steady himself as he tore at his own clothes, pushing a tormenting thigh against Curtis' groin.

"Chris.." Curtis' half moaned, half growled as he unbuckled Keel's trousers. Slipping his hands under the waistband to knead his

partner's firm, toned arse, amused that Keel had [again] forgotten to wear his boxer shorts.

"Jesus!" Keel whispered as he desperately fiddled with Curtis' button-fly chinos. "What happened to zippers?"

"Went out with the Stone Age, love." Curtis replied flicking the buttons on his fly open.

"YOU..." Keel reprimanded "Are never wearing these pants again... Well not for the rest of the weekend! Clear?"

"Yes, boss!" Curtis gasped as Keel roughly tugged his chinos down and tore at his underwear, freeing his fully erect penis.

Keel leaned over his semi naked partner, brushing Curtis' swollen organ against his own. Curtis hissed as their hot flesh seemed to

bind together while Keel rocked his hips back and forth striking against his partner's shaft rhythmically, slowly, eyes closed.

Feeling every surge of heated contact like an electrical jolt through his body.

Cubits guided his partner's hips, levering his own up to make gentle contact between Keel's thrusts. Precum oozed lazily from Curtis' tip as Keel forced them both towards mutual orgasm.

"Fuck" Curtis whimpered lost in the intense waves of pleasure every stroke his partner made.

Keel eased himself down his partner's body. Lightly pulling Curtis' remaining clothing down to his ankles, whilst shaking off the

almost maddening sensation of the touch of Curtis' burning, sticky, head against his own perspiring body, inhaling the smell of

Curtis' sweat and cologne mingling with his own and the sweeter odour of sex.

Curtis toe-ed off his shoes as Keel pulled both his and his lover's remaining clothing away, throwing it onto the mounting pile on the sofa.

Keel ripped the plastic wrapping off the condom, he'd palmed deftly from his trouser pocket, with his teeth.

Rolling the latex cover carefully over his erect penis.

"Lube?" Curtis asked.

"Carry-on luggage and I ain't movin'." Keel grinned "Guess I'm gonna have to improvise."

Keel licked his index finger slowly covering it in a spider's web of glistening saliva as Curtis raised his hips off the floor.

Kneeling between Curtis' legs, Keel gently circled Curtis' tight arsehole with his saliva slickened finger.

Curtis inhaled sharply through his teeth as tiny drops of cool, glutinous liquid seeped into every sensitive crevice, guided by his partner's skilful hand.

Curtis relaxed as Keel steadily eased his finger inside. Keel withdrew to prepare his hand for a second invasion. Curtis groaned as two fingers smoothly entered his body this time, pushing his hips down onto Keel's hand, wanting them deeper inside, pushing them further.

"More..." Curtis begged. "Please..."

Keel removed his hand from it's task and lay down between his partner's thighs pressing his lips to Curtis' lubricated orifice.

"Wait..." Keel muttered teasing the outer edge of his lover's anus with his lips.

"FUCKING HELL!" Curtis shouted as Keel entered the muscular ring with his tongue.

Keel ignored the surprised shout and repeated the action again and again. The salty taste of Curtis' sweat and the ocean-like smell of the shower gel he'd used earlier that day making Keel's thrusts more intense and devouring. Savouring every second.

Curtis clenched his fists as the sensation of Keel's moist, rough, tongue entering and exiting pushed him further over the edge.

The slick, tactile, encroacher abraded the tightening rim of Curtis' arsehole with a stunning accuracy that was making his head spin

and driving him over the edge.

Curtis screamed as his came, bucking his hips as his cock spewed it's latent contents over his stomach and Keel's hair.

Keel quickly slid up onto his knees and spat on his hand, rubbing it over his sheathed cock.

"Don't start the party without me!" Keel grinned

He pulled Curtis' hips closer, controlling his writhing form with powerful arms and gently pushed the tip of his cock inside his lover's prepared body. Curtis howled as he expanded to take the rest of his lover, the after-effects of Keel's mouth still rushing through him. Keel inhaled sharply as Curtis tightened around his pulsating head.

"CHRIS!!!!!!!" Curtis shouted as Keel plunged into him in one movement. "SHIT! CHRIS!!! OH SHIT!!!"

Curtis' cock continued to pour as Keel pulled his partner onto his erection. Curtis' weight pressing Keel's organ deeper inside his hot saliva lubricated channel. Curtis trembled as he became used to the hardness filling him.


Curtis whispered nuzzling at the nape of Keel's neck, running his fingers through Keel's spiky, cum-speckled hair.

"Chris..." He muttered as his partner began to slowly fuck him. "Chris..." Curtis trailed his tongue idly along the line of Keel's

throat as he allowed himself to be lost in the delirium of his partner's gentle movements into and out of his body.

Keel pushed harder, his own climax being neared by the pressure of Curtis' erection regaining strength with every sweep of their bodies. Curtis closed his eyes, relishing every moment as tiredness fought against newly summoned arousal.

Keel wrapped his hand around his partner's twitching shaft as he bit back the urge to come, pumping in time with his hips.

Curtis snapped his eyes open as he came for a second time clenching his muscles tightly around Keel's erection.

This time they both screamed.

Every nerve in Keel's body tingled as his came deep inside his partner. His joints felt like they would be torn apart as the jolt

of his orgasm shot through him, the quaking rise and fall of his partner's body beneath him and the warmth of Curtis' fluid splashing

against his stomach adding to it.

"Sam...oh god...Sam." Keel whispered almost with relief into his lover's ear. "I love you..." Keel croaked as he kissed Curtis' dry lips.

"Better make that two..." Curtis gasped as Keel withdrew and curled up on the hardwood floor beside him.

"Huh?" Keel asked, holding the man he loved in a tight embrace.

"*I* love me too." Curtis chuckled.

Keel reached up onto the sofa, grabbed a small cushion and hit him with it.

"Ow! Hey! It was a joke! Ok? A joke!" Curtis flailed his arms in the air as Keel attacked him with the cushion. "Ok. I love you too,

alright? Am I off the hook now?"

"NEVER!" Keel laughed as he pulled more cushions and clothes off the sofa to use as missiles.

"What the hell?" Curtis caught one of the cushions and pressed a finger to his lips. "Where did you put your mobile?"

"Why?" Keel asked.

"Either that's your mobile or the smoke alarms here make very peculiar noises."

"Shit!" Keel crawled over to the wicker rubbish basket and fished his phone out. "4-5. WHAT! Now? Tell Malone I, no *we* are on vacation in Alaska... He knows we're in New Orleans? Damn.... Ok..... See you there."

"Backup." Curtis groaned as Keel removed and quickly knotted his used condom, throwing it into the waste bin.

"Yeah." Keel threw the flight bags off the bed and slipped between the covers.

"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Curtis in amazement.

"*I* am going to try and get some sleep." Keel curled his arm around his pillow and rolled over.

"But backup just called!"

"Yeah. We have to meet her at the airport tonight."

"Well thanks for telling me!" Curtis grinned. "What time?"

"Seven O'clock." Keel replied drowsily

Curtis checked his watch. "We've got four hours 'til then."

"You're not gonna let me sleep are you?" Keel groaned

"Not a chance!" Curtis climbed in beside his lover.

"Is sex ALL you think about?" Keel joked as Curtis stroked his spent cock beneath the bedcovers.

"Actually I was thinking about calling room service."

"Then why don't you?" Keel replied

"Because the phone's on your side of the bed and this is the only way I can think of to get you to move!"

Curtis smirked.

The End


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