Summary: 26 sentences each starting with a consecutive letter of the alphabet, starting at any random point... or something like that...

Categories: Slash
Characters: Chris Keel, Sam Curtis
Genres: Angst, Action/Adventure, Case, Hurt Comfort
Warnings: None
Chapters: 2 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 886; Completed: Yes
Updated: 12 Sep 2004; Published: 12 Sep 2004

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Fuck but that hurt!

Great going Keel, assuming you survive this, whatīs your next party trick gonna be? How the hell I am I gonna get out of this? Itīs not like Samīs around to pull me out.

Jesus, it hurts, it hurts, itīs gotta stop, not gonna beg, canīt give in, canīt do anything but scream, release some of the pain the only way I can. Kill me now, please, I canīt take anymore, itīs far, far worse than anything Iīve ever gone through before and I canīt hold on. Let it stop, oh god, please let it stop, they have to take a break sometime, please, someone has to be listening up there.

Malone said once that everyone has their breaking point and heīs right because Iīm breaking, broken, dying.

Now what? Oh thank god, itīs stopped, but the pain isnīt going away. Painīs getting worse now itīs stopped and that doesnīt make sense and Iīm not making any sense and I canīt think and itīs all muddled and chaotic and Iīm drowning in my own blood.

Quit moving me, canīt you see I've had it, canīt take it any more!

Reality? Samīs here so it canīt be reality, Iīm broken and hallucinating, I must be, mustnīt I, or maybe not. Too bad heīs too late. Unexpected, him turning up like this, unexpected and very welcome, but too late, Iīm gone.

Vague awareness carries me all the way to the hospital, and the painīs receding, my mind withdrawing away from it all. Withdrawing from the horror Iīve just escaped from, the agony still assailing my body.

X-rays, needles, IVīs and swabs none of which I feel, but am totally aware of, all happening to someone else until, with Sam at my side, I come back to my body.

Yelling, screaming, pleading, begging for the pain to stop, I canīt help myself; now Iīm safe I can let it all out, everything I held back before. Zero tolerance for pain now, just show me a needle and Iīm screaming in very real agony.

And Sam stays with me through all of this, reassuring, comforting. Being there, as he so often is. Caring, despite himself. Down on himself, despite the fact that he wasnīt even on the same assignment.

Eventually, though, weīll get over it, because together we can take on anything.

The End


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