{sitename} Submission Rules
We have some very basic submission rules. In fact, some of them are more sort of... guidelines than outright rules. There is also some even more basic submission guidance for use of this software, which you can find under Help. Please read them before submitting a story for the first time.

1. All stories submitted to this site must have been at least proofread and preferably beta read. Stories that do not meet the minimum required standard of English, for example stories that are riddled with spelling or grammatical errors, confused homonyms (they're, their and there; your and you're) etc., will not be accepted. In this respect, the decision of the archivist is final.

2. This archive will archive stories in English only.

3. All stories submitted to the archive must be your own work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

4. Stories should be filed in the correct categories.

5. Stories in a series should not be filed as separate stories. Instead, they should be filed as separate chapters within one 'story'. For details on how to do this, please refer to the Help page.

6. Works in progress (WIPs) may be posted to the archive, in chapters as outlined in 6 above. However, the same rules regarding the need for betaing and minimum standards of English still apply.

7. Please use the warnings provided. We do not have a specific 'spoilers' warning, as the show aired a number of years ago, but there is an option under 'genres' for episode related. If you wish to warn for spoilers, please include this information, including the episode concerned, within the story notes.

8. Ratings should always be used, with anything containing explicit sexual details classed as NC-17.

Where different parts of a story or series are rated differently, the first part (and therefore the series overall) should be rated at the highest rating, as it's the rating of the first part that shows up in menus and on your author's page. If there's going to be sex - in any part - then rate the whole thing as NC-17.

9. Authors notes should not be posted as a separate chapter. Instead, they should be posted as notes to the first part of the story.

10. This archive is set up to allow both anonymous and signed reviews. We encourage constructive criticism, but flaming other authors will not be tolerated and may result in you losing your account. 'I think that this could be done better...' is constructive criticism. 'You suck...' is a flame. 'I think your story sucks...' is not a flame, as it is talking about the story not the author, but it is still rude and not constructive, and we're no more fans of rudeness than we are of flaming. Be polite.

If you are in receipt of flames - either anonymous or otherwise - please contact one of the archivists, as we'd like to be informed of abuse. However, we will not 'take sides' and we will not tolerate ongoing flame wars between authors. If you have a problem with another author, take it elsewhere.

If you have any questions about any of these points, please do not hesitate to contact the archivists. You can do this via the 'contact' button on their profile.