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Okay, I've rerun the upgrade, with lots of help from aithine (thanks, sweetie), and we now have ratings, genres and characters.

There are still some issues, but these are eFiction issues rather than something we can fix, so there may be some problems with searching. We have also enabled captcha for log in and leaving reviews. I realise that this isn't ideal, but the alternative is our authors receiving 20,000 spam reviews a month, which isn't acceptable.
Posted by: Alyse on 02 Sep 2008 06:42 pm(13 Comments)
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Muggle Studies by Rod
(Crossovers > Slash - NC-17)
(HP crossover) Two boys are found in the rubble of a mysterious explosion. Chris and Sam are assigned to find out what happened.
Lifting the Spirits by alyse
(Slash - PG-13)
Three drabbles. Love in an elevator.
Partners by newkillerstar
(Slash - PG-13)
It's the boys' two-year anniversary. Chris has thoughts, Sam doesn't, Chris has allergies, and Sam understands. Makes sense, I promise.
Practice Makes Perfect by Rod
(Slash - NC-17)
Sam loves Chris. Sam has no idea what to do with another man. Sam seeks professional assistance.
Demons and Witches and Ghouls Oh My! by tasha
(Crossovers > Slash - NC-17)
People have been turning up dead, including government agents and CI5 have been called in. The latest bodies are in San Francisco so that's where Chris, Sam, Backup and Malone have gone. There's something very strange about the deaths, something that...

Random Story
All Hallows Eve by claire
(Slash - 15)
The following report details how our agents spend their Halloween's eve. This mission report was generated in response to the Halloween challenge on Britslash.