General General [48] Stories suitable for all ages. Rated G to PG-13.
Adult Adult [130] Rated 15 or above for strong language, violence and even sex, between consenting adults of opposing sexes.
Slash Slash [171] 'Slash' refers to material featuring or implying same sex relationships, normally Curtis and Keel, although other pairings are welcome. There may occasionally be strong language, violence and sex, between consenting adults of the same sex, therefore please pay attention to the rating.
Threesomes, Moresomes or Cross Genre Threesomes, Moresomes or Cross Genre [2] Stories featuring either both slash and heterosexual pairings, or stories which feature trios or more involved in a relationship.
Drabbles Drabbles [75] Drabbles are stories of exactly 100 words.
Crossovers Crossovers [13] Stories featuring characters from other TV shows, movies and books, as well as characters from CI5: The New Professionals. This includes stories featuring Bodie and Doyle from the original Professionals show.
Tags and Round Robins Tags and Round Robins [2] Stories written by a multitude of authors, split by category.
Challenges Challenges [16] Looking for inspiration? Here you'll find various challenges, split by category. Only the challenges themselves should be posted in this category. The actual responses to the challenge should be posted in the relevant fiction category above.