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  The theme tune (mp3) 1,369k  
Back to Business Sam: "Backup" 259k  
Back to Business Chris: "Both of you get out of here now." Sam : "Oi, shut up." 431k  
Back to Business Sam: "Try and locate the timer" 300k  
Back to Business Sam: "Well at least we know it's not a trembler." 157k  
Back to Business Sam: "The timer, it's definitely under the seat." 233k  
Phoenix Sam: "Bad news. It's tripped ..." Chris: "Great" 1,206k  
Phoenix Sam: "Don't you move, don't you even breathe." 431k  
Phoenix Sam: "The way I see it we have one chance ..." 776k  
Phoenix Sam: "If it doesn't work ..." 648k  
Phoenix Chris: "What kind of chance is that?" 603k  
Phoenix Sam: "See you in hell." 89k  
Phoenix Sam: "Three ... two ... " Argh! 669k  
Phoenix Chris: "You're right." 57k  
Phoenix Sam: "A simple thank you would have done." 129k  
Phoenix Sam: 'Size isn't everything...' (long and short versions)



Tusk Force Cold beer ... 517k  
Tusk Force Chris: "Arghhhhhhhh!" 28k  
Tusk Force Sam: "Come on Chris, wake up." 76k  
Tusk Force Sam: "Come on, we're gonna get through." 273k  
Tusk Force Chris: "It's my leg, I think it's broken." 273k  
Tusk Force Sam: "My god!" 53k  
Tusk Force Sam: "Stay with me, Chris." 109k  
Tusk Force Sam: "Stay with me." 93k  
Tusk Force Sam: "There you go." 61k  
Choice Cuts Chris: "If you want to fit in down here ..." 431k  
Choice Cuts Sam: "Y'all" 173k  
Choice Cuts Chris: "That's right." 87k  
Choice Cuts Sam: "What if I'm only talking to one person?" 431k  
Choice Cuts Chris: "If you're talking to more than one ..." 259k  
Choice Cuts Sam: "Makes sense ..." 173k  
Choice Cuts Chris: "Like there's no ..." Sam: "None at all me 'ole china." 386k  
Choice Cuts Chris "Precise cuts. Whoever did this is good." Sam: "He can't be that good; he killed the patient. 244k (mp3)  
Miss Hit Sam: "How long do we have to ..."  259k  
Miss Hit Chris: "'Til he testifies ...." 259k  
Miss Hit Sam: "Y'know I've not met ..." 431k  
Miss Hit Sam: "D'you tink he'll talk like de godfader?" 345k  
Orbit Chris: "So have you been to the headland yet?" 131k  
Orbit Backup: "Oh, you mean the welcome camp ..." 129k  
Orbit Backup: "That's what we call it." 77k  
Orbit Backup: "We just want to make contact with the aliens." 107k  
Orbit Sam: "What if they're hostile?" 105k  
Orbit Backup: "They aren't." 55k  
Orbit Spencer: "Sir?" 69k  
Orbit Malone: "What is it?" 50k  
Orbit Spencer: "This is like walking through molasses." 185k  
Orbit Spencer: "There have been over 9000 reported ..." 881k  
Orbit Malone: "How many tally with ..." 249k  
Orbit Spencer: "Some come close ... " 929k  
Orbit Malone: "Leave them all with me ... 385k  
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