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Issue 126 - May 2000


Compiled by Jane Killick

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Professional Widow

I have recently been watching and, believe it or not, enjoying CI5: The New Professionals and wish to know more about the cast of the series. I know about Edward Woodward (who plays Malone), but would like to know more about the actors who play Curtis, Keel and particularly Backus. Are there any plans for a new series or was the series so badly, and unfairly, criticised that the creators have given up on the show? Also, was there any reason given as to why Curtis and Keel didn't have an identifiable car such as the famous Ford Capri owned by Bodie and Doyle? I don't think it would have been stretching credibility that much to have given them a Cougar or Puma, or even a Probe.

Geoff Owen, Merthyr Tydfil - by e-mail.

Not wanting to do things by half, Memory Alpha tracked down Brian Clemens - the creator of the original Bodie and Doyle Professionals and the executive producer of the 90s update - at his home in Bedfordshire, and we had the following conversation:

Memory Alpha: Is there going to be a second series of CI5?

Brian Clemens: We're not sure yet. Possibly.

MA: So you're talking to people, are you?

BC: I'm not the financier. The financier is David Wickes, he would have the answers to those things more readily than I can.

MA: But you've not given up?

BC: (as if the very suggestion was preposterous) No!

MA: Was there any reason Curtis and Keel didn't have an identifiable car?

BC: No, not really. I think that the company did deals with car manufacturers. You usually use the car they give you. So that's the answer to that one.

He went on to say that he's just finished "a thing" for ITV company Carlton, about the homeless and he may be doing another series for the BBC, and is due to hear back from them in about a month's time.

As for the actors: Lexa Doig (Backus) is Canadian - from Toronto. You may also know her as Cowgirl from the Tekwar series. The actress has a lot of film work under her belt, from the most recent movies The Tracker, Teen Sorcery, Code Name Phoenix and The Unconcerned to parts in Jungleground, Baby on Board and Psycho Girls. Her tv movies are Face Down, Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way, ...First Do No Harm and While My Pretty One Sleeps. She guest starred in two episodes of Traders and made a brief appearance in a 1993 episode of Ready or Not. I have her age as 28, but with no details of her birthday, this information could now be out of date.

Kal Webber (Keel) is said to be 29 years old and has had small roles in Taggart, Soldier Soldier, Painted Lady and the films Hackers, Men with Guns and Nervous Energy. He's now moved to Los Angeles and has set up his own company, Ironwood Pictures.

Colin Wells (Curtis)'s age is given as 36 and he's said to be a fan of the original series (or could that just be good PR?). Perhaps his best known role is as Martius in the film Titus Andronicus. He has also had roles in British tv series such as Mr Bean, Peak Practice, Medics, The Bill and Casualty as well as lots of roles in the theatre. In the States, he was in an episode of Cheers in 1982 and has a small voice part in the manic cartoon series Animaniacs.

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