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I’m Not Superman's girlfriend


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February 2000


Fraser Massey

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I'm Not Superman's Girlfriend

The star of the New Professionals Lexa Doig has simulated sex on screen with Dean Cain.  He’d bought her champagne and caviar, but she insists they’re not an item.

The first Canadian actress Lexa Doig knew about the rumour that she was having a raging affair with Superman star Dean Cain was when her dad rang her and asked about it.

Lexa’s dad took early retirement from the oil industry after being struck down with multiple sclerosis.  ‘He spends his days on the Internet now.  He’s a total web junkie, and one of the things he looks for is news about me,’ she says.

‘He found these stories about me on one of Dean’s fan websites.  They’re extraordinarily detailed.  His fans even knew which restaurant we’d been to and on what night.  It’s really weird to think that complete strangers know where I was on a given Saturday night.’

‘But as far as Dean is concerned, we’re just friends who hung out a bit because we were working together.’

Lexa and Dean made a movie together in Canada earlier this year.  In the drug-theft thriller The Unconcerned, yet to be released here, she plays a woman hired by gangsters to seduce Dean’s character.

Lexa adds: ‘My dad also found and interview on the Internet where I’d said that filming a love scene with Dean had been a nightmare.’

‘He wanted to know what this man had done to me that was so bad.  I had to explain that Dean wasn’t the problem.  I like him, he’s a really nice guy.’

‘But he’s someone I work with, and if you try to imagine simulating sex with someone you work with, in front of all your other co-workers, while your boss - in my case the film director - keeps yelling at you that you’re doing it wrong, then you’ll know why it can be a nightmare.’

‘Dean was really good about it.  He bought me a big bottle of champagne when we filmed the scene. Then he took me out for caviar after I’d told him I’d never tasted it before.’

They also went out to a lap-dancing club with the film’s director Bruce Pitman.  ‘Bruce is a big fan of strip bars,’ says Lexa.  ‘So if you go out with him, that’s where you go.  So there I am with these strippers in front of me and I’m trying to hold a conversation with them, like: “Do you have kids?  What are the hours like?  Do you wax or shave?” It was totally bizarre.’

Lexa broke up with her boyfriend, Canadian actor Joel Keller, when she came to London to film CI5: The New Professionals, which is currently running on Sunday nights on Sky.

She’s actually quite pleased with her new-found single status.  ‘I came back to Canada after filming The New Professionals here and realised how much I’d enjoyed being by myself.’

‘It was kind of difficult being 24 years old and feeling like I was already married.’

‘There’s so much I want to do with my life and I didn’t want the responsibility of feeling like somebody’s wife.  I didn’t want to find myself thinking in 10 years time - and two kids later - that I wished I’d done something else, gone down a different road.’

The classic 1980s TV series The Professionals featured Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson - and no significant female roles.  In the new version, Lexa stars as computer whizzkid Tina Backus, alongside Kal Weber, Colin Wells and Edward Woodward.

She certainly brings an added element of glamour to the show.  ‘You see more and more of me as it goes on,’ she laughs.

‘It started off with me looking businesslike in suits and trousers.  The one of the backers who put up money for the show said it was a shame I was never in a dress.  So in the next episode I’m wearing a dress.’

‘Then another backer said it was a pity they never showed my legs, so they put me in a miniskirt.’

‘I’m just waiting for another investor to say they’d like to see me taking a shower, then by the next series you’ll have my naked butt on screen.’

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