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3rd Feb 2002



I suppose a Stargate convention was an odd place to meet Lexa Doig, given that her current roles, although science fiction are for Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. I say roles because Lexa plays three parts: Rommie the android, Andromeda the hologram and Andromeda the AI. All are aspects of the same system but all have different personalities. Of course when I mention that one of the other guests at the convention was Michael Shanks then most will realise the connection: for those that don't Lexa and Michael have been dating about a year and a very nice couple they make too, all the best to them both. It must have been daunting for an Andromeda star to come to a Stargate convention, but Lexa was fabulous.

Firstly I have to say that Lexa is the nicest person. She is friendly, funny and cheerful. She is also even more stunning in real life than on the TV which I found incredibly hard to believe, but couldn't escape the fact when sitting next to her. Lexa was kind enough to give me a few minutes of her time so I could ask a couple of questions. The answers are paraphrased because I can't do shorthand, and if I use her exact words I will place them in quotation marks.

Q1. Which episode of the New Professionals was your favourite for your character?
A1. Orbit. Lexa liked the hippy idea and wanted to go even "more hippy" with the character but wasn't allowed to. Hence the hippiest bit in the episode is the picture in the magazine.

Q2. Which episode of the New Professionals was your favourite to film?
A2. Samurai Wind. Lexa loved going to South Africa for the filming and she really enjoyed the leaning out of the helicopter, so much so that she wanted to do the stunt herself (the stunt person they had for the shot was a man!). I asked a similar question in Lexa's guest talk at the convention and another reason that she enjoyed South Africa was the chance to take a tour. One of the stops on the tour was a Cheetah reserve and she had the chance to "roll around on the floor" with the baby cheetahs. Lexa is very much a cat person, in fact in the talk she said: "I am a cat - I sleep 18 hours a day if I can." Lexa also enjoyed filming Glory Days - "It was a lot of fun".

Q3. Are you enjoying Andromeda?
A3. Yes, but when the New Professionals was not renewed she was really "bummed" about it all and if it was ever brought back and her commitments allowed she'd love to return to the role of Backup.

Q4. How would you play Backup differently if you had the role again? (Lexa mentioned in her first con talk that she would like to play Backup a different way.)
A4. When Lexa gained the part of Backup she was 24 and the character was 28. Now she is 28 she knows the difference between 24 and 28 and would play the character "harder". This is not harder in the nasty sense of the word, just harder as in a "less eager to please" way.

Q5. How different is playing Andromeda to playing Backup?
A5. Lexa said that working in Sci-fi is very different from a show like the New Pros. For a start in sci-fi you have "different conversations" with weird dialogue. Also a lot of the New Pros was filmed in London which is very different from where Andromeda is filmed. It's a "very different way of working". On New Pros there was also a much smaller cast and she became very close with Kal and Colin and his wife, especially when they were traveling all over the place to locations.

Q6. I mentioned Lexa loves cats, she told us in one of her talks that she'd love to have lots of them (Michael is putting his foot down at two), so I asked her what she'd call her first cat.
A6. Eric or Basil is what she'd like to call her cat, but Michael doesn't think contemporary human names are the right names for cats. Lexa said that they have compromised on Pippin (Lexa is a huge Lord of the Rings fan). I had to come down on Lexa's side when it comes to Eric because my opposite neighbours cat is called Eric and he looks exactly like my cat so I have a soft spot for the name.

Many thanks to Lexa for talking to me, and to Michael for not throwing me out of the green room when we started debating about cat names :-).

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